ITS Scheduled Maintenance

Service NameTitleStart DateStart TimeEnd DateEnd Time
Domain Domain Controller Maintenance2024/05/288:00 PM2024/05/314:00 AM
ConfluenceConfluence Upgrade, 5/212024/05/212:30 PM2024/05/214:30 PM
Palo Alto FirewallEmergency Firewall Change Freeze Starts 5/212024/05/2110:45 AM2024/05/245:30 p.m.
EmailEmail Routing Changes, 5/212024/05/218:00 PM2024/05/10:00 PM
Windows PatchingMay 2024 Windows Patches2024/05/166:00 PM2024/05/1611:59 PM
Active DirectoryTerm Group Cleanup, 5/92024/05/098:00 PM2024/05/0910:00 PM
EmailEmail Routing Configuration Changes, 5/92024/05/098:00 PM2024/05/0911:59 PM
myWSUmyWSU Financial Aid Patch Installation, 5/92024/05/096:00 AM2024/05/097:00 AM
myWSUmyWSU Web Services Outage, 5/52024/05/056:00 AM2024/05/056:30 AM
Group PolicyGroup Policy Update, 5/22024/05/028:00 PM2024/05/028:30 PM
Linux Production PatchingMay 2024 Linux Production Patching2024/05/027:00 PM2024/05/0211:59 PM
Domain Domain Controller Maintenance, 4/30 and 5/22024/04/308:00 PM2024/05/034:00 AM
Virtual InfrastructureITS Virtual Infrastructure Upgrades, 4/29 to 5/22024/04/295:00 AM2024/05/025:00 PM
Pullman DataCenterPullman Campus/DataCenter Palo Alto Firewall Upgrades, 5/222024/05/224:00 AM2024/05/226:00 AM
ESG AppsPatching ESG Applications, 4/252024/04/258:00 PM2024/04/259:00 PM
Pullman DataCenterReplacing Pullman DataCenter Infrastructure, 6/15 and 162024/06/158:00 AM2024/06/165:00 PM
Jira and ConfluenceJira and Confluence Outage2024/05/108:00 PM2024/05/128:00 AM
Windows PatchingApril 2024 Windows Patches2024/04/096:00 PM2024/04/0911:59 PM
Linux Production PatchingApril 2024 Linux Production Patching2024/04/047:00 PM2024/04/411:59 PM
myWSUmyWSU Scheduling Server Maintenance, 4/32024/04/035:00 AM2024/04/038:00 AM
MatLabMatLab Network License Upgrade, 4/32024/04/038:00 PM2024/04/038:30 PM
ESG AppsShutting down old ESG applications and resources, 4/182024/04/182:00 PM2024/04/184:00 PM
MIM/PAMRetire WSU MIM/PAM Portal, 4/22024/04/028:00 PM2024/04/0211:59 PM
ExchangeEnable Extended Protection for Exchange Servers in Production, 3/282024/03/288:00 PM2024/03/2810:00 PM
JiraJira Maintenance, 3/222024/03/228:00 PM2024/03/248:00 AM
ConfluenceConfluence Outage, 3/192024/03/198:00 PM2024/03/1911:59 PM
SCCMInstall Hotfix for Tier 1 SCCM, 3/202024/03/205:00 AM2024/03/208:00 AM
Help Desk ToolsHelp Desk Tools Service Account Password Change, 3/202024/03/208:00 PM2024/03/11:59 PM
Windows PatchingMarch 2024 Windows Patches2024/03/146:00 PM2024/03/1411:59 PM
Production Exchange ServerReplace Production Exchange SSL Certificate, 3/122024/03/128:00 PM2024/03/1210:00 PM
Linux Production PatchingMarch 2024 Linux Production Patching2024/03/077:00 PM2024/03/0711:59 PM
ITS MCFITS MCF UPS Maintenance, 2/27–282024/02/2712:00 PM2024/02/285:00 PM
Virtual InfrastructureITS Virtual Infrastructure Upgrades, 3/12024/03/014:00 AM2024/03/018:00 AM
Domain Name ServiceDNS Security Maintenance, 2/212024/02/218:00 PM2024/02/218:15 PM
Active DirectoryAdd Subnet for WSU Spokane to AD Sites and Services, 2/232024/02/238:00 PM2024/02/11:59 PM
SCCMUpgrade Tier 1 SCCM, 2/282024/02/288:00 PM2024/02/2811:59 PM
CortexCortex XDR Agent Update, 2/19 to 3/82024/02/1910:00 PM2024/03/0811:59 PM
myWSUmyWSU Outage, 2/252024/02/256:00 AM2024/02/2510:00 AM
Windows PatchingFebruary 2024 Windows Patches2024/02/156:00 PM2024/02/1511:59 PM
VoIPVoIP Infrastructure and Server Maintenance, 3/11 to 3/152024/03/119:00 AM2024/03/15TBD
Quarterly Network MaintenanceQuarterly Network Maintenance, 3/10 to 3/192024/03/1010:00 PM2024/03/1910:00 PM
Pullman DataCenterChange Freeze for Pullman DataCenter Firewall, 3/1–142024/03/018:00 AM2024/03/1412:00 PM
Linux Production PatchingFebruary 2024 Linux Production Patching2024/02/017:00 PM2024/02/0111:59 PM
Domain ControllersDomain Controller Maintenance, 1/242024/01/249:00 PM2024/01/254:00 AM
ServerWSU Foundation Server Maintenance, 1/252024/01/258:00 PM2024/01/2510:00 PM
GlobalProtectGlobal Protect VPN Client Install Repair, 1/182024/01/1812:30 PM2024/01/181:30 PM
Domain ControllersDomain Controller Maintenance2024/01/188:00 PM2024/01/1811:59 PM
ESG AppsDecommission esg-apps-perf-plans, 1/252024/01/308:00 PM2024/01/308:30 PM
Azure KubernetesMigrate Kubernetes from Azure to AWS, 1/252024/01/258:00 PM2024/01/259:59 PM
Active DirectoryTerm Group Deletion
2024/01/168:00 PM2024/01/1610:00 PM
ProofpointEnforce ProofPoint Relay Protection, 1/112024/01/118:00 PM2024/01/1110:00 PM
Windows PatchingJanuary 2024 Patches2024/01/116:00 PM2024/01/1111:59 PM
SplunkOut of Band Splunk Work, 1/5
2024/01/053:00 PM2024/01/055:00 PM
Linux Production PatchingJanuary 2024 Linux Production Patching2024/01/047:00 PM2024/01/0411:59 PM
JiraJira Maintenance, 1/122024/01/128:00 PM2024/01/158:00 AM
Palo Alto FirewallVancouver Palo Alto Firewall Upgrades, 1/22024/01/028:00 PM2024/01/0210:00 PM
Active DirectoryActive Directory DS Maintenance2023/12/218:00 PM2023/12/2111:59 PM
SplunkSplunk Upgrades December 20232023/12/152:00 PM2023/12/1511:59 PM
Windows PatchingDecember 2023 Patches2023/12/146:00 PM2023/12/1411:59 PM
Linux Production PatchingDecember 2023 Linux Production Patching2023/12/077:00 PM2023/12/0711:59 PM
ITS Site LicenseITS Site License Permanent Change, 12/62023/12/068:00 PM2023/12/069:00 PM
ConfluenceEmergency Confluence Maintenance, 11/292023/11/298:00 PM2023/11/2911:59 PM
myWSUmyWSU Outage, 12/22023/12/025:00 AM2023/12/028:00 AM
ExchangeOrganization Configuration Change for EarlyOutreach Domain2023/11/218:00 PM2023/11/2110:00 PM
ECATier 0 ECA Server Replacements2023/12/018:00 PM2023/12/0311:59 PM
ExchangeSecurity Update for Exchange, November 20232023/11/218:00 PM2023/11/2210:00 PM
ConfluenceConfluence 8.5 Upgrade, 12/82023/12/088:00 PM2023/12/108:00 AM
Windows PatchingNovember 2023 Patches2023/11/166:00 PM2023/11/1611:59 PM
CortexCortex XDR Agent 8.2.0 Update2023/11/132023/12/4
ITS Site LicenseITS Site License Permanent Change2023/11/158:00 PM2023/11/159:00 PM
MIM/PAMPrivileged Access Management (MIMPAM) Maintenance, 11/9 - 11/122023/11/98:00 PM2023/11/1211:59 PM
ADFSUpgrade ADFS Infrastructure, 11/9 - 11/162023/11/098:00 PM2023/11/166:00 AM
Linux Production PatchingNovember 2023 Linux Production Patching2023/11/027:00 PM2023/11/0211:59 PM
myWSUmyWSU outage, 10/282023/10/285:00 AM2023/10/288:30 AM
Trusted Root Certificate StoreUpdate Trusted Root Certificate2023/10/178:00 PM2023/10/179:00 PM
OktaOkta and Office 365 change for Entra ID native join2023/10/158:00 PM2023/10/1510:00 PM
SplunkOut Band Splunk Work2023/10/1112:00 PM2023/10/111:59 PM
Windows PatchingOctober 2023 Patches2023/10/126:00 PM2023/10/1211:59 PM
Domain ControllersDomain Controller Maintenance, 10/52023/10/058:00 PM2023/10/0511:59 PM
ProofPointImplement ARC in Defender for Office and re-enable enhanced filtering for test group2023/10/058:00 PM2023/10/0510:00 PM
ProofPointChanges to audit unauthorized use of allow-relay in ProofPoint2023/10/058:00 PM2023/10/0510:00 PM
Linux Production PatchingOctober 2023 Linux Production Patching2023/10/057:00 PM2023/10/0511:59 PM
ConfluenceConfluence Maintenance, 9/222023/09/228:00 PM2023/9/2211:00 PM
JiraUnplanned Jira Maintenance, 9/202023/09/203:00 PM2023/9/206:00 PM
JiraJira Upgrade, 9/292023/09/298:00 PM2023/10/018:00 AM
CanvasCanvas Maintenance, 9/212023/09/211:05 AM2023/9/213:05 AM
Pullman Firewall MaintenancePullman Border Firewall Maintenance, 9/72023/09/074:00 AM2023/9/076:00 AM
Quarterly Network Maintenance Quarterly Network Maintenance2023/09/174:00 AM - 6:00 AM
10:00 PM - 2:00 AM
2023/9/214:00 AM - 6:00 AM
10:00 PM - 2:00 AM
Pullman Firewall MaintenanceEmergency Pullman Border Firewall Maintenance, 8/222023/08/224:00 AM2023/8/226:00 AM
myWSUmyWSU Outage2023/09/098:00 AM2023/9/0910:30 AM
ConfluenceConfluence Upgrade, 7/282023/07/288:00 PM2023/7/2912:00 AM
Atlassian ServerAtlassian Server Upgrade, 7/212023/07/218:00 PM2023/7/2212:00 AM
ITS MCFITS MCF UPS Preventative Maintenance2023/07/219:00 AM2023/7/215:00 PM
ITS MCFITS MCF UPS Preventative Maintenance2023/07/209:00 AM2023/7/205:00 PM
ITS MCFITS MCF UPS Preventative Maintenance2023/07/1911:00 AM2023/7/195:00 PM
EmailEnabling Enhanced Filtering in Exchange Online2023/07/138:00 PM2023/7/1310:00 PM
Windows PatchingJuly 2023 Patches2023/07/136:00 PM2023/7/1311:59 PM
ad.wsu.eduEnabling Enforcement for Netlogon protocol changes in Domain2023/07/118:00 PM2023/7/118:30 PM
ITS Linux servicesChange notification for July Linux Production Patching2023/07/067:00 PM2023/7/0611:59 PM
myWSUmyWSU Outage2023/07/065:30 PM2023/7/068:30 PM
Active DirectoryActive Directory Service Account Changes2023/07/318:00 PM2023/7/3111:59 PM
Active Directory Riverpoint Domain Controller Maintenance Active Directory Riverpoint Domain Controller Maintenance2023/06/298:00 PM2023/6/2911:59 PM
Active Directory Riverpoint Domain Controller Maintenance Active Directory Riverpoint Domain Controller Maintenance2023/06/228:00 PM2023/6/2211:59 PM
Office365Office 365 Add-on Licenses Expiring 6/302023/06/3011:00 PM2023/6/3011:59 PM
Pullman Data CenterEnable New Port-Channel Links2023/06/288:00 PM2023/6/289:00 PM
Crimson Service DeskCrimson Service Desk Closed June 18 and 192023/06/1812:00 AM2023/6/1911:59 PM
CAHNRS SystemCAHNRS DataCenter Vsys and Wired Role Based Network2023/06/208:00 PM2023/6/2011:00PM
Windows ServerJune 2023 Patches2023/06/156:00 PM2023/6/1511:59 PM
Exchange ServicesEmergency change: Exchange Security Update2023/06/148:00 PM2023/6/1510:00 PM
CanvasCanvas Outage2023/06/1312:36 PM2023/6/132:08 PM
WSU WirelessWSU Wireless Certificate Change, 6/62023/06/68:00 PM2023/6/69:00 PM
Pullman Firewall MaintenancePullman Campus Firewall Maintenance, 6/52023/06/58:00 PM2023/6/511:00 PM
Everett Firewall MaintenanceEverett Firewall Maintenance, 6/12023/06/19:45 PM2023/6/111:00 PM
Linux Production PatchingChange notification for June Linux Production Patching2023/06/17:00 PM2023/6/111:59 PM
Pullman DataCenter Firewall WorkPullman DataCenter Firewall Work2023/06/28:00 PM2023/6/29:00 PM
SCCMUpgrading Tier 1 SCCM2023/05/248:00 PM2023/5/2411:59 PM
Palo Alto FirewallPalo Alto Firewall Upgrades2023/05/2408:30 PM2023/5/1311:00 PM
Microsoft ExchangeChanges to Microsoft Preset Safelinks 2023/05/238:00 PM2023/5/238:10 PM
WSU Wireless IP Maintenance
WSU Wireless IP Maintenance
2023/05/2304:00 AM2023/5/2306:00 AM
Palo Alto FirewallPalo Alto Firewall Upgrades2023/05/2204:00 AM2023/5/2206:00 AM
Pullman Border FirewallPullman Network Outage2023/05/188:00 PM2023/5/1811:59 PM
myWSUmyWSU Outage2023/05/1406:00 AM2023/5/148:00 AM
WindowsMay 2023 Patches2023/05/1106:00 PM2023/5/1311:59 PM
ZiplyZiply Maintenance2023/05/1108:00 PM2023/5/1108:30 PM
Microsoft Threat ProtectionChanges to Microsoft Threat Protection policies for Phish and Spam emails2023/05/1008:00 PM2023/5/1308:10 PM
May Linux ProductionChange notification for May Linux Production Patching2023/05/407:00 PM2023/5/411:59 PM
Preemptive ITB Distribution Switch
Preemptive ITB Distribution Switch2023/04/2808:00 PM2023/4/2812:00 PM
myWSU OutagemyWSU Outage2023/04/2307:00 AM2023/4/2310:00 AM
Azure Maintenance
Azure Active Directory Sync Maintenance
2023/04/1308:00 PM2023/4/1311:59 PM
April 2023 PatchesApril 2023 Patches2023/04/1306:00 PM2023/4/1311:59 PM
Exchange Security UpdatesExchange Security Updates2023/04/1104:00 PM2023/3/145:00 PM
April Linux Production PatchingChange notification for April Linux Production Patching2023/04/607:00 PM2023/4/611:59 PM
Canvas MaintenanceCanvas Maintenance2023/04/601:05 AM2023/4/603:05 AM
Firewall MaintenancePullman Campus Firewall Maintenance2023/04/206:00 PM2023/4/208:00 PM
myWSU OutagemyWSU Outage2023/04/107:00 AM2023/4/110:00 AM
Message Recall FeatureEnable Message Recall Feature within Exchange2023/03/3008:00 PM2023/3/3011:59 PM
Firewall ReplacementPullman Campus Firewall Replacement2023/03/2908:00 PM2023/3/3011:59 PM
Firewall MaintenancePullman Campus Firewall Maintenance2023/03/2809:00 PM2023/3/2810:00 PM
MatLab License UpgradeMatLab Network License Upgrade2023/03/2208:00 PM2023/3/2208:30 PM
Splunk UpgradesSplunk Upgrades2023/03/2007:00 PM2023/3/2011:59 PM
Renewal of the On-Premises Exchange CertificateRenewal of the On-Premises Exchange Certificate2023/03/1608:00 PM2023/3/1611:59 PM
March 2023 PatchesMarch 2023 Patches2023/03/1606:00 PM2023/3/1611:59 PM
Pullman Border Firewall ChangePullman Border Firewall Change2023/03/1404:00 AM2023/3/1406:00 AM
WSU Internet Services MigrationWSU Internet Services Migration to Ziply2023/03/1308:00 PM2023/3/1311:00 PM
Virtual Infrastructure MaintenanceVirtual Infrastructure Maintenance2023/03/1203:00 PM2023/3/1207:00 PM
Pullman Palo Alto Firewall UpgradePullman Palo Alto Firewall Upgrade2023/03/909:00 PM2023/3/911:59 PM
March Linux Production PatchingChange notification for Linux Production Patching2023/03/207:00 PM2023/3/211:59 PM
Okta SSL Certificate UpdateOkta SSL Certificate Update2023/02/2310:00 AM2023/2/2311:00 AM
Increase Message SizeIncrease Message Size for lists.wsu.edu2023/02/2208:00 AM2023/2/2209:00 AM
Support vendor will be applying the latest Critical Patch Update to myWSUSupport vendor update2023/02/1808:00 AM2023/2/1809:00 AM
Installation of Windows patches for Tier 1 serversWindows patches
2023/02/1606:00 PM2023/2/1705:00 AM
myWSU OutagemyWSU Outage2023/02/1808:00 AM2023/2/1809:00 AM
Splunk upgradeSplunk upgrade2023/02/1606:00 PM2023/2/160800 PM
Azure Kubernetes Service upgradeAzure Kubernetes Service upgrade2023/02/1507:00 PM2023/2/1508:00 PM
Azure Active Directory upgradeAzure Active Directory upgrade2023/02/208:00 PM2023/2/211:59 PM
Linux updateLinux systems update2023/02/208:00 PM2023/2/211:59 PM
Tier 1 SCCM service upgradeTier 1 SCCM service upgrade2023/01/1808:00 PM2023/1/1811:59 PM
Firewall UpgradePalo Alto Firewall Upgrade2022/12/2906:00 PM2022/12/2909:00 PM
SplunkSplunk Upgrade2022/12/2106:00 PM2022/12/219:00 PM
WSU External Sender Warning Modification Modification of the WSU External Sender Warning2022/12/1510:00 PM2022/12/1511:59 PM
Windows patchesWindows patches for Tier 1 servers2022/11/1006:00 PM2022/11/1011:59 PM
myWSU maintenancemyWSU vendor-driven maintenance2022/11/405:00 PM2022/11/406:30 PM
Border Routers: WSU Pullman Change Notification for WSU Pullman Border Routers2022/10/2508:00 PM2022/10/2511:59 PM
Azure Kubernetes Azure Kubernetes Service2022/10/3111:00 PM2022/10/3111:59 PM
OBIEEOBIEE reporting replaces AIS mainframe2022/09/3000:00 PM2022/09/3000:00 PM
ITS Virtual InfrastructureITS Virtual Infrastructure2022/09/1908:00 PM2022/09/2011:59 PM
September PatchesSeptember Patches 2022 2022/09/1306:00 PM2022/09/1311:59 PM
Azure Active DirectoryAzure Active Directory Sync Maintenance2022/09/0208:00 PM2022/09/0411:59 PM
myWSU10th day census results in myWSU offline temporarily2022/09/0206:00 PM2022/09/0209:00 PM
Linux Production PatchingSeptember Linux Production Patching2022/09/0107:00 PM2022/09/0111:59 PM
Tier 1 SCCM servicesUpgrading the Tier 1 SCCM service 2022/08/2405:00 PM2022/08/2411:59 PM
ITS Virtual InfrastructureITS VMs upgrade2022/08/185:00 PM2022/08/1811:59 PM
FirewallFirewall upgrades July 28TBD8:00 PMTBD11:00 PM
ResnetResnet Outage July 26TBD4:00 AMTBD6:00 AM
AzureAzure Active Directory Sync Maintenance2022/08/058:00 PM2022/08/0711:59 PM
ITS MaintenanceITS Maintenance: Multiple Nights, Phone Cluster Patching2022/08/038:00 PM2022/08/0411:59 PM
ITS Virtual InfrastructureChange Notification for ITS Virtual Infrastructure2022/08/015:00 PM2022/08/017:00 PM
AzureAzure Active Directory Sync Maintenance2022/07/298:00 PM2022/07/3111:59 PM
ITS Linux ServicesChange notification for August Linux Production Patching2022/07/287:00 PM2022/07/2912:00 AM
Email AttachmentsChanges to Email Attachments containing Excel and PowerPoint file types2022/07/288:00 PM2022/07/289:00 PM
myWSU OutagemyWSU Outage2022/07/243:00 AM2022/07/249:00 AM
JiraUnplanned Jira outage/patch install tonight2022/07/228:00 PM2022/07/238:00 AM
FirewallFirewall upgrades July 212022/07/218:00 PM2022/07/2111:00 PM
OktaOkta Password Management for Service Accounts2022/07/2012:00 PM2022/07/2011:59 PM
ITS Virtual InfrastructureChange Notification for ITS Virtual Infrastructure – Patching2022/07/186:00 AM2022/07/2211:59 PM
July 2022 PatchesJuly 2022 Patches2022/07/146:00 PM2022/07/1411:59 PM
T1 SCCM MaintenanceT1 SCCM Maintenance2022/07/139:30 PM2022/07/1311:59 PM
Tier 1Tier 1 Maintenance Tonight 2022/06/2906:00 PM2022/06/2911:59 PM
CortexCortex Agent Upgrade2022/06/2905:00 PM2021/10/075:15 PM
Splunk Emergency Splunk Upgrade2022/06/2912:00 PM2022/06/293:00 PM
PanoptoPanopto Outage for Maintenance2022/06/256:00 PM2022/06/259:00 PM
Canvas MaintenanceCanvas Maintenance2022/06/231:05 AM2022/06/233:05 AM
Extended myWSU OutageThree extended myWSU Outages in June2022/06/1811:00 PM2022/06/1908:00 AM
Extended myWSU OutageThree extended myWSU Outages in June2022/06/1711:00 PM2022/06/1808:00 AM
June 2022 PatchesJune 2022 Patches2022/06/166:00 PM2022/06/1705:00 AM
ExchangeExchange 2016 CU23 plus a security update2022/06/1608:00 PM2022/06/1611:59 PM
ITS MaintenanceITS Maintenance Notice2022/06/1608:00 PM2022/06/1611:59 PM
Virtual InfrastructureITS Maintenance: Virtual Infrastructure2022/06/1508:00 PM2022/06/1511:59 PM
Extended myWSU OutageThree extended myWSU Outages in June2022/06/1011:00 PM2022/06/1108:00 AM
Grouper MaintenanceGrouper Maintenance2022/06/0807:30 AM2022/06/0805:00 PM
ConfluenceConfluence Unavailable, June 62022/06/0608:00 PM2022/06/0611:59 PM
ClearPassPullman, Vancouver Wireless services update June 42022/06/0403:00 AM2022/06/0406:00 AM
Linux Linux Production Patching 2022/06/0207:00 PM2022/06/0211:59 PM
Prior Term GroupPrior Term Group Removal 2022/05/3108:00 PM2022/05/3109:00 PM
GlobalProtect GlobalProtect upgrade2022/05/17 08:00 PM2022/05/1709:00 PM
Jira Jira and Confluence applications upgrade2022/05/1408:00 AM2022/05/1508:00 AM
PatchesMay 2022 Patches2022/05/126:00 PM2022/05/1211:59 PM
Linux Linux Production Patching2022/05/057:00 PM2022/05/0511:59 PM
PAMITS Maintenance: PAM, Tier 0 SCCM, Tier 1 SCCM2022/04/288:00 PM2022/04/2811:59 PM
ProofpointModification to Proofpoint DMARC Policy2022/03/1608:00 PM2022/03/1611:59 PM
MatLab MatLab Network License Upgrade2022/03/1608:00 PM2022/03/1608:30 PM
FirewallAOI Network Firewall Maintenance March 14-162022/03/1608:00 AM2022/03/1605:00 PM
SCCMUpgrading Tier 1 SCCM2022/03/1608:00 PM2022/03/1611:59 PM
FirewallAOI Network Firewall Maintenance March 14-162022/03/1508:00 AM2022/03/1505:00 PM
FirewallPalo Alto upgrades March 14 and 152022/03/1508:00 PM2022/03/1511:00 PM
FirewallAOI Network Firewall Maintenance March 14-162022/03/1408:00 AM2022/03/1405:00 PM
FirewallPalo Alto upgrades March 14 and 152022/03/1408:00 PM2022/03/1411:00 PM
SCCMMarch 2022 Patches2022/03/1006:00 PM2022/03/1011:59 PM
FirewallFirewall maintenance March 92022/03/0902:00 PM2022/03/0903:00 PM
FirewallMarch 8 Firewall Maintenance2022/03/0802:00 PM2022/03/0804:00 PM
CrowdmarkCrowdmark Maintenance Outage March 62022/03/0604:00 AM2022/03/0608:00 AM
FirewallMar 1 and 3 Firewall Maintenance2022/03/0309:00 AM2022/03/0310:00 AM
FirewallMar 1 and 3 Firewall Maintenance2022/03/0108:00 PM2022/03/0110:00 PM
myWSUmyWSU maintenance outage Feb. 26 2022/02/2612:30 AM2022/02/2707:30 AM
VMwareITS PAM Maintenance2022/02/2208:00 PM2022/02/2211:59 PM
WorkstationPCI workstation move on Feb. 222022/02/2208:00 PM2022/02/2209:00 PM
VMwareITS PAM Maintenance2022/02/2108:00 PM2022/02/2111:59 PM
PAMUnscheduled Pam Portal Maintenance2022/02/1608:00 PM2022/02/1706:00 AM
SCCMFebruary 2022 Patches2022/02/1006:00 PM2022/02/1011:59 PM
myWSUmyWSU outage2022/02/0411:30 PM2022/02/0507:30 AM
myWSUmyWSU outage2022/01/2911:00 PM2022/01/3007:00 AM
FirewallPalo Alto Config Change2022/01/2708:00 PM2022/01/2711:00 PM
myWSUNo myWSU access during Spring 2022 Census2022/01/2106:00 PM2022/01/2109:00 PM
VMwareVMware updates2022/01/1806:00 AM2022/01/2111:59 PM
PanoptoPanopto Archiving Implementation2022/01/1412:00 AM
MicrosoftMicrosoft Add-in's for Excel2022/01/1108:00 PM2022/01/1108:15 PM
SCCMJanuary 2022 Patches2022/01/1106:00 PM2022/01/1111:59 PM
FirewallMaintenance with Possible Data Center Outage2022/01/0812:00 PM2022/01/0804:00 PM
CanvasCanvas Maintenance Rescheduled2022/01/0612:05 AM2022/01/0602:05 AM
FirewallFoundation Firewall Maintenance2022/01/0608:00 PM2022/01/0611:00 PM
LinuxLinux Production Patching2022/01/0607:00 PM2022/01/0611:59 PM
ProtocolsSSH/FTP/PPTP Change on Jan 42022/01/0408:00 PM2022/01/0408:30 PM
VPNJanuary 4th VPN Upgrade2022/01/0408:00 PM2022/01/0408:30 PM
Data CenterJanuary 4 Maintenance May Impact Data Center Services2022/01/0408:00 PM2022/01/0411:59 PM
CrowdmarkCrowdmark Outage Notification2021/12/3005:00 AM2021/12/3009:00 AM
FirewallMulti-Campus Palo Alto upgrades Dec 29 and Dec 302021/12/30
VPNVPN Maintenance Dec 21 and Dec 292021/12/2908:00 PM2021/12/2910:00 PM
FirewallMulti-Campus Palo Alto upgrades Dec 29 and Dec 302021/12/29
AdobeAdobe User Sync Tool Change2021/12/2208:00 PM
VPNVPN Maintenance Dec 21 and Dec 292021/12/2106:30 PM2021/12/2107:30 PM
VMwareITS Virtual Infrastructure2021/12/2010:00 AM2021/12/2004:00 PM
ProofpointModification to Proofpoint DMARC Policy handling2021/12/2008:00 PM2021/12/2011:59 PM
[Postponed] Canvas[Postponed] Canvas Scheduled Maintenance2021/12/1611:00 PM2021/12/1701:00 AM
CanvasAWS Errors Affecting Canvas This Morning2021/12/0708:13 AM2021/12/0703:48 PM
CortexCortex Endpoint Security Agent2021/12/0705:00 PM12/07/202105:00 PM
FirewallUrgent Border Firewall Upgrades Dec 1 & Dec 22021/12/0208:00 PM2021/12/0211:00 PM
LinuxChange notification for December Linux Production Patching2021/12/0207:00 PM2021/12/0211:59 PM
FirewallUrgent Border Firewall Upgrades Dec 1 & Dec 22021/12/0104:00 AM2021/12/0106:00 AM
SCCMSplunk Universal Forwarder Client Downgrade to 7.3.92021/11/2306:00 PM2021/11/2306:00 PM
CortexUpgrading Cortex Client on ITS Servers2021/11/2205:00 PM2021/11/2207:00 PM
ServerDomain Controller Maintenance2021/11/1808:00 PM 2021/11/1911:59 PM
VoicemailVoicemail Maintenance2021/11/1808:00 PM2021/11/1810:00 PM
CortexUpgrading Cortex Client on ITS Servers2021/11/1705:00 PM2021/11/1707:00 PM
CortexUpgrading Cortex Client on ITS Servers2021/11/1505:00 PM2021/11/1507:00 PM
FirewallNAT IP Firewall Changes2021/11/0808:00 PM2021/11/0809:00 PM
CanvasCanvas Maintenance Outage 2021/10/3011:00 PM2021/10/3101:00 AM
myWSUmyWSU Notices Maintenance2021/10/3008:00 AM2021/10/3010:00 AM
myWSUmyWSU Outage2021/10/3001:00 AM2021/10/3007:00 AM
Aruba WiFiAruba Wireless Controller Maintenance2021/10/2608:00 PM2021/10/2706:00 AM
VPNGlobal Protect Upgrade2021/10/2108:00 PM2021/10/2108:30 PM
ServerUpgrading Tier 1 SCCM2021/10/2008:00 PM2021/10/2011:59 PM
ServerUpgrading Tier 1 SCCM2021/10/1908:00 PM2021/10/1911:59 PM
ServerOctober 2021 Patches2021/10/1406:00 PM2021/10/1411:59 PM
CortexCortex Endpoint Agent Release2021/10/1405:00 PM2021/10/1405:30 PM
LinuxOctober Linux Production Patching2021/10/0707:00 PM2021/10/0711:59 PM