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Washington State University
Information Technology Services

ITS Scheduled Maintenance

Service NameTitleStart DateStart TimeEnd DateEnd Time
myWSUNo myWSU access during Spring 2022 Census2022/01/2106:00 PM2022/01/2109:00 PM
VMwareVMware updates2022/01/1806:00 AM2022/01/2111:59 PM
PanoptoPanopto Archiving Implementation2022/01/1412:00 AM
SCCMJanuary 2022 Patches2022/01/1106:00 PM2022/01/1111:59 PM
MicrosoftMicrosoft Add-in's for Excel2022/01/1108:00 PM2022/01/1108:15 PM
FirewallMaintenance with Possible Data Center Outage2022/01/0812:00 PM2022/01/0804:00 PM
CanvasCanvas Maintenance Rescheduled2022/01/0612:05 AM2022/01/0602:05 AM
LinuxLinux Production Patching2022/01/0607:00 PM2022/01/0611:59 PM
FirewallFoundation Firewall Maintenance2022/01/0608:00 PM2022/01/0611:00 PM
ProtocolsSSH/FTP/PPTP Change on Jan 42022/01/0408:00 PM2022/01/0408:30 PM
VPNJanuary 4th VPN Upgrade2022/01/0408:00 PM2022/01/0408:30 PM
Data CenterJanuary 4 Maintenance May Impact Data Center Services2022/01/0408:00 PM2022/01/0411:59 PM
FirewallMulti-Campus Palo Alto upgrades Dec 29 and Dec 302021/12/30
CrowdmarkCrowdmark Outage Notification2021/12/3005:00 AM2021/12/3009:00 AM
VPNVPN Maintenance Dec 21 and Dec 292021/12/2908:00 PM2021/12/2910:00 PM
FirewallMulti-Campus Palo Alto upgrades Dec 29 and Dec 302021/12/29
AdobeAdobe User Sync Tool Change2021/12/2208:00 PM
VPNVPN Maintenance Dec 21 and Dec 292021/12/2106:30 PM2021/12/2107:30 PM
VMwareITS Virtual Infrastructure2021/12/2010:00 AM2021/12/2004:00 PM
ProofpointModification to Proofpoint DMARC Policy handling2021/12/2008:00 PM2021/12/2011:59 PM
[Postponed] Canvas[Postponed] Canvas Scheduled Maintenance2021/12/1611:00 PM2021/12/1701:00 AM
CanvasAWS Errors Affecting Canvas This Morning2021/12/0708:13 AM2021/12/0703:48 PM
CortexCortex Endpoint Security Agent2021/12/0705:00 PM12/07/202105:00 PM
FirewallUrgent Border Firewall Upgrades Dec 1 & Dec 22021/12/0208:00 PM2021/12/0211:00 PM
LinuxChange notification for December Linux Production Patching2021/12/0207:00 PM2021/12/0211:59 PM
FirewallUrgent Border Firewall Upgrades Dec 1 & Dec 22021/12/0104:00 AM2021/12/0106:00 AM
SCCMSplunk Universal Forwarder Client Downgrade to 7.3.92021/11/2306:00 PM2021/11/2306:00 PM
CortexUpgrading Cortex Client on ITS Servers2021/11/2205:00 PM2021/11/2207:00 PM
ServerDomain Controller Maintenance2021/11/1808:00 PM 2021/11/1911:59 PM
VoicemailVoicemail Maintenance2021/11/1808:00 PM2021/11/1810:00 PM
CortexUpgrading Cortex Client on ITS Servers2021/11/1705:00 PM2021/11/1707:00 PM
CortexUpgrading Cortex Client on ITS Servers2021/11/1505:00 PM2021/11/1507:00 PM
FirewallNAT IP Firewall Changes2021/11/0808:00 PM2021/11/0809:00 PM
ServerCDPESQL Server Migration2021/11/0408:00 PM2021/11/0410:00 PM
LinuxNovember Linux Production Patching2021/11/0407:00 PM2021/11/0411:59PM
CanvasCanvas Maintenance Outage 2021/10/3011:00 PM2021/10/3101:00 AM
myWSUmyWSU Notices Maintenance2021/10/3008:00 AM2021/10/3010:00 AM
myWSUmyWSU Outage2021/10/3001:00 AM2021/10/3007:00 AM
Aruba WiFiAruba Wireless Controller Maintenance2021/10/2608:00 PM2021/10/2706:00 AM
VPNGlobal Protect Upgrade2021/10/2108:00 PM2021/10/2108:30 PM
ServerUpgrading Tier 1 SCCM2021/10/2008:00 PM2021/10/2011:59 PM
ServerUpgrading Tier 1 SCCM2021/10/1908:00 PM2021/10/1911:59 PM
ServerOctober 2021 Patches2021/10/1406:00 PM2021/10/1411:59 PM
CortexCortex Endpoint Agent Release2021/10/1405:00 PM2021/10/1405:30 PM
LinuxOctober Linux Production Patching2021/10/0707:00 PM2021/10/0711:59 PM

Information Technology Services


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