Cougar Capture

What is Cougar Capture?

Cougar Capture is a suite of tools that allow instructors to create, capture, and archive lecture content for online and in-person courses via WSU’s lecture capture solution: Panopto. Learn how to use Panopto in a General University Classroom. 

These tools enable the recording of video, audio, and computer display content in General University Classrooms, storing recordings in WSU’s Learning Management System (LMS) Canvas for editing and sharing.

Cougar Capture can also be used outside the classroom to create media clips for online lectures, assignments, or activities.

For assistance selecting and configuring the right Cougar Capture tools for your course, please contact Pullman Integrated Academic Technologies via 509-335-5044 or

FERPA and Cougar Capture Recording 

As classroom technologies continue to advance, more instructors are using Cougar Capture tools to record class sessions and student projects. How recordings are created or edited may classify them as educational records protected under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)—the federal student privacy law.

Please review WSU’s recording retention policy to learn more about acceptable practices for using video and audio recordings in a classroom setting.

Equipment Guide for Panopto

Support Contacts

If you are teaching in a General University Classroom, contact Pullman Integrated Academic Technologies: 

If you are teaching a Global Campus course, contact Academic Outreach and Innovation: 

Aren’t sure where to start? Contact either office above and they’ll get you to the right place!

Additional Resources

Best Practices

Create effective and high-quality recordings for your students by following recording best practices.

Creative Uses for Panopto

Panopto is a powerful software that offers capabilities beyond simply recording a lecture. 

Cougar Capture Tutorials

Get started with Panopto WSU instructors and students in creating and managing content effectively.