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Information Technology Services News

Canvas Pilot Opens Spring 2021

As WSU prepares to extend university-wide access to the final phase of the current Canvas pilot in the coming spring 2021 semester, Information Technology Services (ITS) and Academic Outreach and Innovation (AOI) would like to remind the university community of the following action items and support resources.

As a reminder, to best meet the needs of students, Global Campus will not be migrating to Canvas until Fall 2021.

ITS and AOI are here to help WSU academics begin this new and exciting chapter and offer the following resources to help encourage early adoption of Canvas and to ensure WSU’s transition to the new LMS is as smooth as possible. » More …

MFA for OFFICE 365 Oct.29

Beginning at 8 pm, Thursday, Oct. 29, 2020, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is being added to Microsoft Office 365 suite of services, which includes Outlook email, Teams, OneDrive, Word, and more.

MFA and WSU Email
Beginning with the added verification requirement for Office 365, Microsoft Outlook is the only recommended email application going forward.

Some users currently access their WSU email via an array of different apps and services, such as Apple Mail, Samsung Email, Blue Mail, etc. However, many of these third-party mail tools pre-loaded on devices are not MFA-compliant, meaning users will not be able to complete the final verification required for MFA. This could result in delayed access to emails while identifying needed adjustments.
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Update: Email & myWSU Services Restored

Update at 1:55 p.m.—

Today’s email issues have been resolved. Users who continue to experience issues accessing email through web or desktop applications after 2:00 p.m. today should first try closing and restarting the application. If issues persist beyond that, please contact Crimson Service Desk online, by phone at (505) 335-4357, or via email.

Please note: Some mobile email applications may still be experiencing issues. This is a separate issue that Microsoft is currently investigating.


All WSU Zoom Meetings to Require Passcodes Starting Sept. 27

9/21 Update:

Zoom has reversed their decision to require passcodes and waiting rooms as an added security requirement, which ITS initially communicated would happen on Sunday, September 27 (see below).

While passcodes and waiting rooms will not be required, ITS still strongly encourages all WSU Zoom users to review their current security settings at in order to ensure meetings are configured to be as secure as possible. For more information on Zoom security settings, visit the following Crimson Service Desk article: Zoom – How to Manage Default Security Settings.

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Email Updates Needed by Jan. 5

Effective January 5, Information Technology Services will only support a limited number of MFA-compliant email applications.

Some customers may still be receiving notifications to update email applications because they still have another client configured that is connecting to Office 365 services using a legacy protocol or basic authentication. Uninstalling those clients should remove users from future notifications.
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No New Network IDs, Friend IDs, Third-Party IDs Created Sept. 12-20

Between the dates of Saturday, Sept. 12, and Sunday, Sept. 20, WSU’s Identity Management systems are being upgraded. This process will update aged systems that manage core tools for all WSU network identity operations for Human Resources, Student Information Systems, Active Directory, Office 365 and other systems, including the creation of Network IDs, Friend IDs, and Third Party IDs.
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my.wsu Changes Starting August 19

Beginning the evening of Wednesday, August 19, 2020, Information Technology Services (ITS) is implementing new changes to my.wsu in order to alleviate system overload during high-traffic times due to semester start-up and daily COVID-19 attestations.
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Office 365 MFA implementation is deferred

Tonight’s implementation of MFA for Office 365, including Outlook, Teams, and OneDrive has been deferred until later this fall, after the semester is underway.

The remaining Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) implementation for close to 90 departmental and university-wide applications including Blackboard, Zoom, Canvas and more will proceed as scheduled at 8:00 pm. See the full list of applications at The implementation will take only a very short time, and users will begin seeing authentication requests over the next 24 hours for these applications.
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