Policies, Standards, and Guidelines

WSU’s Information Security Program (ISP) is managed and operated by the university’s central Information Technology Services (ITS) department. Within ITS, the ISP has a broad role and responsibility with respect to information security and privacy across the institution. The mission of WSU’s ISP is to provide clear and flexible information security and privacy policies, procedures, standards, and risk mitigations to enable WSU to safely carry out its mission and accomplish its strategic goals.

The ISP exists to appropriately protect, maintain, and ensure legal, compliant, and appropriate use of the university’s information technology assets. Security and privacy policies work together to lay the foundation for the campus community to build and operate a high quality and trusted campus computing environment.

To complement the requirements outlined in WSU’s Business Policies and Procedures Manual (BPPM) and Executive Policy (EP) manuals, ISS created supplemental policies, standards, guidelines, procedures, and forms designed to ensure campus compliance with applicable policies, laws, and regulations.

All users and campus departments are expected to help safeguard and secure campus information and information resources by adhering to these policies and standards where applicable, or to request an exception.

Please report suspected violations to abuse@wsu.edu.