Project Overview

Complex enterprise initiatives require project management.

Complex enterprise initiatives require the coordination of multiple technology streams and constituents. At Enterprise Systems, all projects are thoroughly reviewed to ensure the most appropriate resources are assigned to accomplish the project goals. We utilize Atlassian software to track projects and facilitate communication and collaboration. Our projects require technical and functional knowledge and expertise from everyone involved to ensure success, o. This approach helps link project performance to milestones, specific tasks, and successful coordination of functional teams to address risks and meet deadlines.

We believe in a transparent work environment.

Transparency drives team performance, task ownership, accountability, and better communication. Transparency in our projects helps hold us and our partners accountable throughout the project. It eliminates surprises, promotes ownership and builds trust. It is key in helping us plan and develop project timelines and deliverables we can meet.

Our Methodology

Our project methodology helps us establish expectations for everyone working on the project and set a clear understanding of our procedures. While changes to our methodology are rare, they do occur to ensure we are always improving. Please download the latest version of our project methodology here:

Submit a project to Enterprise Systems

If you have a project that requires our assistance, please submit a project request form:

Following the submission, our management team will review the request in a weekly project request meeting. If there are any questions, the requestor will be contacted for more information. Requestors can anticipate a response to their submissions within five business days. Once the project has been approved, a project manager will be assigned and they will contact the requestor to begin the project initiation process.

The Project request is submitted by requester. The Project Manager begins the project initiation process.