Pullman Integrated Academic Technologies (PIAT)

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General University Classrooms 

General University Classrooms are equipped with advanced technology that supports a wide variety of media presentation, lecture capture, connection to remote presenters/campus participants and student collaborations, and engagement. 

Classroom Technology Support 

Pullman Integrated Academic Technologies supports the technology in General University Classrooms. 

Instructors are encouraged to bring their own cables and adapters to connect any additional devices to the equipment provided in a classroom. At this time, Pullman Integrated Academic Technologies is unable to supply these accessories.

Support Contacts

For assistance with the technology in a General University Classroom, please contact Pullman Integrated Academic Technologies:

For assistance with wireless connectivity, email, Microsoft Teams, your WSU account, or your WSU credentials, please contact Crimson Service Desk:

Contact and Support

Contact Pullman Integrated Academic Technologies:

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