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Where do you want your career to take you? Wherever you are headed, Information Technology Services (ITS) at Washington State University is a terrific place to start. Join the team that is changing the future of how WSU does business.

Eligible employees who enroll in WSU academic courses during fall or spring semesters may request a waiver of tuition.

Meet some of the people working to change the future of how WSU does business.

Current ITS Open Positions

Currently we do not have any open positions.
ITS does not have open positions at this time.

Current Student Positions

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Our Team

Jonathan Lee - IT Project Management

Name: Jonathan Lee

Title: IT Project Management

What is your job?

I help manage, coordinate, and support various projects that come to the Enterprise Systems Group. I am often working with users at all levels of the university to ensure that our projects meet the goals and needs of WSU. Sometimes my role in a project is high-level managing and coordinating and other times my role is working very specific tasks to provide support for a project. I am glad my job gets to experience a wide range of tasks in the IT and project field.

What is a typical day at work for you?

As many would say, my typical day varies depending on what needs to be done. Besides being in regular project meetings, I usually am planning and scheduling next steps for a project, collaborating with project sponsors and stakeholders, or preparing/composing various project documents. I also work in the systems we are implementing to assist the team and expand my knowledge base.

Why should someone choose WSU and Pullman?

WSU is a great organization and Pullman has an amazing community. Being from SoCal, it’s nice to live somewhere that experiences all four seasons and is surrounded by the picturesque rolling hills of the Palouse. The ebb and flow of living in a small, college town provides such a unique experience that has changed me for the better. I would recommend WSU and Pullman to anyone who is looking to be a part of a strong community with beautiful scenery.

What is one tip you can offer to new employees?

I always recommend just trying to learn as much as you can. Understanding systems, teams, and processes will be tremendously helpful when trying to accomplish goals and meet milestones.


Employee profile Jen Steffen

Name: Jen Steffen

Title: Associate Director, Operations, Enterprise Systems

What is your job?

Primarily, I assist my team with managing the daily operations of the Student Information System, myWSU. In addition to myWSU, there are other systems that some of my team also provide support for (i.e. CTM, 25Live and Jira).

What is a typical day at work for you?

Working with my awesome team members to research, configure, modify and run processes within myWSU, which supports all WSU campus areas of Admissions (Undergraduate, Graduate and Professional), Advising, Bursar’s, Registrar’s, and Student Financial Services as well as additional student impactful areas such as Housing, Student Affairs, Office of the Provost, and Academic Colleges.

Why should someone choose WSU and Pullman?
Why did you?

We came to WSU 29 years ago when my husband entered the WSU graduate program for Fine Arts and at the same time I was also able to obtain a temporary position at WSU, which became a permanent position within a few months. As my husband was working on his graduate degree, we quickly realized that Pullman, the surrounding communities, and all the experiences afforded to us by being a part of WSU all made for an excellent place to raise a family and develop a career. The friends we met along the way, and WSU colleagues we were fortunate to work with, all quickly became our extended and chosen family and contributed to the reasons we have stayed. Our son was born on WSU’s campus in the old Pullman Hospital and recently became a 2022 WSU graduate, so WSU has continued to be central in all aspects of our lives.

What is one tip you can offer to new employees?

Get to know your colleagues and use your WSU resources. The ability to reach out to others who have been there before you and to get their input and guidance will help ease the transition from new employee to seasoned employee in no time!


Name: Keela Ruppenthall

Title: IT Security Consultant

What is your job?

My job is to support WSU’s IT Governance, Risk, and Compliance activities. I provide consultation and guidance to WSU Business Units for anything related to WSU IT Security Policies, IT Security Standards, IT Security and Risk Assessments, and Regulated Data Compliance Requirements.

What is a typical day at work for you?

A typical day depends on what I’m working on. Policy development and support requires research and writing, Security and Risk Assessments involves finding and reporting on actionable information in large Excel files, and regulated data compliance support almost always involves research into requirements and technologies. IT Security requires me to be familiar with a broad range of IT topics that span the whole spectrum of our IT support environment. I learn something new every day.

Why should someone choose WSU and Pullman?

The best part of WSU is the students. They share their talents and are actively involved in the community. Their presence brings a positive energy to the area. Pullman is a small town with larger town support and activities. There are a surprising number of things to do for such a small community.

Why did you?

When I interviewed for my job, they asked me why I wanted to come to Pullman. I said I was looking for a good place to raise a family. It turns out that Pullman is a fantastic place for a family.

What is one tip you can offer to new employees?

The best general tip I can offer is, never stop learning. A WSU specific tip, the hills will make you stronger, don’t fight it.



WSU’s modernization team is rolling up their sleeves and collaborating with Workday, an industry-leading software as a service (SaaS) provider, to revolutionize WSU’s business infrastructure over the next two years. Engineers and other team members who join this team will experience an excellent ground-floor opportunity to work with a world SaaS leader, Workday, while working alongside dynamic, innovative WSU leaders.

Enterprise Endpoint Manager Eric Jacobs

Name: Eric Jacobs

Title: Enterprise Endpoint Manager

What is your job?

I manage Endpoint Support for ITS and multiple SLA’s including AOI, Office of the President, Grad School, and Internal Audit. My group also manages multiple university wide applications for Endpoint and Mobile Device Management such as Intune, Malwarebytes, Apple School Manager, and Jamf.

What is a typical day at work for you?

Every day is unique. I assist a diverse population with providing a great variety of exceptional customer service to both internal and external customers, addressing specific needs across multiple Student Information Systems and related Support Systems. I act as a liaison between department leads and the technical team to improve processes within the system.

Why should someone choose WSU and Pullman?

WSU is a great environment to work in. You meet a lot of talented people and there are multiple opportunities for advancement. Pullman is a great place to raise a family in a beautiful location. I was born and raised here, so I guess you could say it chose me. I may be a little bias, but I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.

What is one tip you can offer to new employees?

The only constant here is change. Be open-minded and embrace change.