Please see the following scheduled Information Technology Services (ITS) maintenance process:

Please review the maintenance dates for any potential conflicts your area has for scheduled, mandatory work, and share feedback during Network/Firewall Office Hours via Zoom (Thursdays, 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.) by Sept. 4..

Date: Sunday, Sept. 17 – Thursday, Sept. 21
Start Times: Please see schedule below.
End Time: Please see schedule below.

The following work is being completed: ITS is implementing a quarterly network infrastructure upgrade process to address security and bug fixes. This quarter’s updates will follow the schedule below. Network service interruptions are expected during the highlighted timeframes:

CategoryTimeSept. 17Sept. 18Sept. 19Sept. 20Sept. 21
Access Layer Switches (Campus)10 p.m. – 6 a.m.
(Overnight starting on day listed)
Holland DistFSHN Dist, Sloan DistITB DistNeill Dist
Access Layer Switches (ResNet)4 a.m. – 6 a.m.Group 1Group 2Group 3
APs (Campus & ResNet)4 a.m. – 6 a.m.APs
Distribution Switches, Core Switches, and Core Routers4 a.m. – 6 a.m.Sloan CoreBorder SwitchITB Core, ITB Core RouterSloan Core Router, ResNet Dist
GPON OLTs/ONTs (Campus)10 p.m. – 2 a.m.Holland OLT/ONTsFSHN OLT/ONTsNeill OLT/ONTsITB OLT/ONTs
(Overnight starting on day listed)
GPON OLTs/ONTs (ResNet)4 a.m. – 6 a.m.ResNet, Group 4
Firewall Operating System4 a.m. – 6 a.m.Pullman Campus
Global Protect Clients4 a.m. – 6 a.m.VancouverAll other sites
Service Accounts that run network infrastructure (e.g., wireless authentication)4 a.m. – 6 a.m.All sites

**List of all buildings fed from each Dist (distribution) and ResNet groupings is available below.**

All affected groups: WSU System.

Duration of impact for all locations: The entire maintenance windows will be reserved for this work.

All processes affected: Internet and VoIP phone connectivity.

Follow up steps customers need to take: If VoIP phones do not return to service after a maintenance window, please reboot the phone.

All affected buildings:

Downstream of ITB DistDownstream of FSHN DistDownstream of Neill DistDownstream of Sloan DistDownstream of Holland DistDownstream of ResNet Dist
BohlerAdd_0011A BioTech_0836 FulmerBldgs_0003 ALBROOK_0071PhysicalED_0096 WSU-owned apartments 
FrenchAd_0092 LewisAlumni_0138 ADBF_0807A ASIS_FW_SIGNAGEJohnsonTWR_0094 WSU dorms 
ITB_2047T_BT7008 GrimesWaySteamPlant__0840 OwenSciLAB_0810 BOILER_PLANT_0027ToddADD_0055A 
ITB2043_2047sw PUBLIC_SAFETY_BLDG RODaycare_0088 CARPENTER_0020ToddHall_0055 
StreitOffices_0081C McCluskey_0085B Cleveland_0086 CHILLED_WATER_PLANT_0813AveryHall_0809_new 
DodgenNuclearRadiation_0074 CooperPubs TownCentre_0842 DANA_0056Terrell_0062A 
LJSmith_0054 Hulbert_0808 NEILL_VOICE_GWs EEME_0078AJackson/Murrow_0033EW 
FineArts_0097 ExpAnimalLab Neill_0070 ENGR_LABS_0046Holland_0062 
SCUE_0095 StudentRecCenter_0819 NEILL_MCF_SWITCH ETRL_0058VanDoren_0037 
BohlerGym_0011 FSHN_MCF_AnalogGWs EducationADD_0086 FAIS_VIDEO_SVRBryanHall_0002 
Lighty_0092A OUTDOOR_REC_CENTER_0365R Webster_0801 FLOYD_MULTICULTURAL_CNTR_0872DaggyHall_0803 
MartinStaVendors RECREATION_CENTER_RESTROOM_FACIL_0861 Kruegel_0069B PRES_RES_0031Morrill_0024 
ResPark_0820_New USDAAgResearch_0114B Bustad_0807 SLOAN_0078ThompsonHall_0001 
FAIS_test E_CHILLED_WATER_PLANT Abelson_0032 SLOAN_0078_306AHeald/Eastlick_0082 
CUB_0063 ClarkHall_0099 Washington_0015 THERMAL_FLUIDS_0057WILSON-SHORT 
Beasley_0806 JohnsonHall_0076 Rotunda_0080 College_0004 
SCUE_SRV_RM_503C FSHN_0816 Commons_0005 SmithGYM_0012 
MARTIN_STAD_PRESSBOX AnimalScience_0100 Wegner_0045_10G Goertzen_0033A 
ASIS_SERVER_Rm_154 FSHN_BT7314 VetMed-HP-Switch Kimbrough_0025 
MarCom FoodServices/Others ShockPhysics_0801A ParkingTransportation_0831 
0812D_MARTIN_STAD_FOB VOGEL_0826 VetTeaching_0818 FAIS_VIDEO 
Downstream of ITB OLTDownstream of FSHN OLTDownstream of Neill OLTDownstream of Holland OLT
ITBPlant Growth CenterThe SparkChinook Student Center
Streit-PerhamPACCARTroy HallLower Soccer Field
Bailey-Brayton Field Baseball ClubhouseGAH 2
Plant Science Building
Group 1Group 2Group 3Group 4
0014 Elmina White Honors Hall0006 Community/Duncan Dunn Hall0087 Orton Hall0018A Global Scholars Hall
0018 Northside Residence Hall0019 McCroskey Hall0039 Waller Hall0081A Streit Hall
0042 Olympia Avenue Student Housing0030 Wilmer-Davis Hall0093C Stephenson Dining Hall0081B Perham Hall
0065A Regents Hill-Stearns Hall0034 Stevens Hall0093E Stephenson East0083 Rogers Hall
0065B Regents Hill-Barnard HALL0035 Stimson Hall0093N Stephenson North0650 Terrace Apartments Complex
0065C Regents Hill-McGregor Hall0079 Gannon-Goldsworthy Hall0093S Stephenson South0660 Kamiak Apartments Complex
0072 Coman Hall0079A Gannon Hall0805E McEachern Residence Center-East0665 Steptoe Village Complex
0079B Goldsworthy Hall0805N McEachern Residence Center-North0675 Valley Crest Village Complex
0080 Hall Rotunda0805S McEachern Residence Center-South0676 Chief Joseph Village Complex
0677 Nez Perce Village Complex
0678 Columbia Village Complex
0679 Chinook Village Complex
0680 Yakama Village Complex

Questions? Please attend Network/Firewall Office Hours via Zoom (, occurring every Thursday from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. You can also reach out to Crimson Service Desk via email at, online at, or phone at 509-335-4357, with any questions or concerns.