Please see the following Information Technology Services (ITS) maintenance:

Dates: Tuesday, January 4, 2022
Start Time: 8:00 p.m.
End Time: 8:30 p.m.

The following work is being completed: To improve security, ITS will be removing applications SSH, FTP, and PPTP from the default Inbound Application Allow list.  The Area Technology Officers (ATOs) on the Pullman campus have been provided reports of traffic that will stop working after this maintenance is complete.  Information for requesting exceptions is listed below under ?Steps to take ahead of time?.  A simplified version of that report for August 2-December 12 is also attached where each destination host has a single entry (versus each unique source/destination combination).  Each protocol has one tab of traffic observed and one tab for exceptions already implemented.

All affected groups: WSU Pullman

Duration of Impact: The removal is expected to take less than 5 minutes.  This is a permanent change.  Only SSH, FTP, and PPTP traffic will be allowed inbound to hosts on the exception list for each protocol.

All Processes Affected: Inbound SSH, FTP, and PPTP traffic which has not already been given an exception.

Steps to take ahead of time: Customers who have systems which need inbound SSH, FTP, and PPTP access need to fill out the firewall request form to request an exception ( with the needed protocol(s) specified.  If there are a large number of exception requests, those can be emailed to with the protocol(s) needed listed with each host.

Follow-up steps customers need to take: If a service stops working and an exception was not requested, customers will need to request an exception following the steps listed above.

For technical assistance: For any questions, please contact Crimson Service Desk via email, by phone at (509) 335-4357, or online