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Information Technology Services

ITS Employee Excellence

quarter century club inductees

2019 Quarter Century Club Inductees

The Quarter Century Club (QCC) is WSU’s longest running employee recognition program, having been active since 1934. Each year, the Quarter Century Club hosts a recognition event to honor faculty and staff who have reached the impressive milestone of 25 years of service to Washington State University.

The Quarter Century Club currently comprises more than 2,200 individuals who have worked at WSU for 25 years or more in benefit-eligible positions. While not all of those members are still active employees, they are, or have been, the backbone of the University community, giving their commitment and dedication to the institution.

Star & Spot Awards

WSU acknowledges that each employee makes a difference at Washington State University, and strives to identify methods by which meaningful recognition occurs.

Introduced in 2016, Star and Spot awards are an opportunity to recognize Information Technology Services staff members who go above and beyond to offer the best service and support to customers, vendors, and other ITS team members.

Nomination forms are submitted for leadership review, and are awarded based on the level of service by the employee as identified in the nomination form and the overall impact and scope of the event/service.

length of service awards

Certificate of Service Awards

Employee recognition is a vital part of Washington State University. Recognizing and supporting the contributions of our employees is critical to fulfilling the University mission.

As part of the length-of-service program, staff are eligible for length of service awards at 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, and 55 years of service. Starting August 2018, faculty recognition also begins at 5 years of service.

At each milestone, employees receive a letter of congratulation, a certificate of service, a lapel pin, and an award selected by the employee. Additionally, a campus recognition reception is hosted by the President annually to honor all employees who reached a milestone during the calendar year.

FY19 Star & Spot Award Recipients

Star Awards

  • Lauren Wells
  • Jacqueline Southwick
  • Scott Layton
  • Jay Maylor
  • Bryan Titen
  • Wendy Thomas
  • Dave Peckham
  • John D’Aleo
  • Darren Wallen
  • Cindy Newton
  • Todd Glienke
  • Damon Estes
  • Steve Rathbun
  • Amanda Taylor
  • Brian Cornelius

Spot Awards

  • Laura Fleener
  • Michael Echanove
  • Thomas Woods
  • Chad Jeffreys
  • Perry Wilson
  • Lenna Wenke
  • Diana Keithley
  • Brad Storey
  • Daniel Ornelas
  • Bradley Dudra
  • Lilah Beam
  • Caleb Ericson
  • Anden Lewis
  • Chris Meyn

Team Spot Awards

  • Jacqueline Southwick
  • Maria Gutierrez
  • Jeff Kure
  • Lindsay Hickman
  • Aditi Thuse
  • Chad Jeffreys
  • William Culey
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