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Washington State University
Information Technology Services

IT Governance at Washington State University

Washington State University (WSU) has established a governance structure to formulate Information Technology (IT) strategy and policy and to manage IT investments. It is composed of three tiers. Please see the diagram below. WSU’s IT governance framework is administered by the President’s Cabinet (formerly the Information Technology Executive Board, ITEB) which is responsible for all major IT decision-making for the University. To guarantee significant opportunities for leveraging technology are considered, the President’s Cabinet solicits and evaluates input from the Information Technology Strategic Advisory Committee (ITSAC) on all areas related to IT. The President’s Cabinet then makes decisions and/or makes recommendations to the President, as appropriate. The President’s Cabinet or the President decides, finalizes, and acts upon the recommendations formulated by the ITSAC and ensures that it is in alignment with the university’s strategic vision and plans.

The middle tier of the Information Technology governance structure is the Information Technology Strategic Advisory Committee (ITSAC). The members of ITSAC are appointed by the Campus Chancellors, Vice Presidents and Deans of the Colleges. These representatives understand and articulate their area’s information technology needs and how they align with their organization’s business priorities and vision. They collaborate with other University representatives on prioritizing information technology services, initiatives, and investments from a strategic, university-wide perspective.

ITSAC also commissions several subgroups that are focused on specific topics, such as high performance computing, instructional technology, IT security and privacy, IT procurement and IT accessibility to name a few. These groups form the third tier of the IT governance structure. The recommendations developed by the subgroups are evaluated by the ITSAC.

The ITSAC in turn submits input to the President’s Cabinet, which decides or advises the President on WSU IT strategies, priorities, services and policies.

IT Governance