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Washington State University
Information Technology Services


About Us

We focus on quality customer service, collaboration, technical and functional expertise.

Enterprise Systems supports, maintains and develops enterprise level applications that are critical to the success of Washington State University. We focus on fostering strong collaborative relationships with entities on campus. This is done by focusing on customer service and working closely with all campus units. Enterprise Systems team of dedicated professionals work to ensure we meet our customers goals and business needs.

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure. – Colin Powell

Our team is comprised of talented, functional and technical professionals.

It’s a transformational step in the evolution of enterprise level systems and solutions at Washington State University. Our team of functional experts, business analysts, and technical professionals:

  • Combines cutting edge technology with advanced business thinking to deliver solutions to end users across the university.
  • Unites functional professionals and technical experts in a truly cross functional team to break down traditional organizational silos and develop customer focused, sustainable enterprise level systems.
  • Empowers team members with the latest tools, a new culture, and needed resources.
  • Strives to meet user needs in everything we do.

Project Overview

Complex enterprise initiatives require project management.

Complex enterprise initiatives require the coordination of multiple technology streams and constituents.  At Enterprise Systems we take project management serious and it is at the core of everything we do.  We utilize Atlassian software to track projects and facilitate communication and collaboration with everyone we work with.  We recognize that our projects require technical and functional knowledge and expertise from everyone involved with a project to be successful.   This approach helps link project performance to milestones, specific tasks, and successful coordination of functional teams to address risks and meet project deadlines.

We believe in a transparent work environment.

Enterprise Systems recognizes that transparency drives team performance, task ownership, accountability and better communication. Transparency in our projects helps hold us and our partners accountable throughout the project.  It eliminates surprises, promotes ownership and builds trust.   It is key in helping us plan and develop project timelines and deliverables that can be met.

Our Methodology

Enterprise Systems feels it is important that everyone understands our project methodology.   This helps us establish expectations for everyone working on the project as well as a clear understanding of our procedures.  Our methodology does change to ensure that we are always improving.  While these changes are not often they do occur.  If you are referring to the methodology please download the latest version from our website.

Submit a project to Enterprise Systems

Enterprise Systems is here to help.  If you have a project that requires our assistance please download and complete our project request form.   Once the form has been completed please submit it to or to the Enterprise Systems Associate Director who works with your area.



Mainframe Modernization

Migrating to the Cloud

For over three decades now, WSU’s IBM mainframe, a highly secure and reliable platform for large-scale online and batch transaction processing, has effectively managed WSU’s business applications.  With recent advancements in cloud-based technologies, WSU is now embracing the opportunity to transition to a mainframe cloud solution or Mainframe as a Service (MFaaS).  MFaaS is a subscription service offering that addresses legacy mainframe challenges while providing scalability and flexible financial models to support growth. MFaaS allows operators to scale mainframe capacity to be in alignment with organization’s unique requirements.

Migration to the new MFaaS model provides WSU with the following immediate benefits:

  • The MFaaS solution allows WSU to move away from the physical legacy mainframe located in the heart of Pullman campus’ Information Technology Services Data Center.  WSU will now run applications and services within the IBM cloud-based MFaaS.  This change allows WSU to replace end of life hardware, making our mainframe environment more dynamically sustainable and extends the lifespan of mission-critical applications.
  • The IBM MFaaS solution runs within a Tier-4 Data Center, providing WSU an environment to run mainframe applications with the highest level of redundancy and security. This Tier-4 Data Center also offers options not available within current onsite mainframe environment.
  • The IBM MFaaS cloud solution provides WSU additional disaster recovery options to ensure business continuity.
  • The IBM cloud-based MFaaS also offers WSU significant future cost savings over the next several years, providing the ability to scale down services as we retire or modernize mainframe applications.
  • The MFaaS model migration requires no major conversion efforts, thus maintaining critical business continuity during the migration. WSU will test the cloud-based service by running live mainframe applications, both on the onsite mainframe and the new cloud-based mainframe, to confirm all processes run identically prior to the final transition. Once all processes are confirmed, migration to the cloud will proceed, and ITS will retire the onsite mainframe.

The transition to the MFaaS subscription model is currently underway and the migration team is finalizing the project testing timeline. The team’s plan includes incorporating current mainframe users into the pre-migration activities and testing. ITS anticipates all testing will be completed and ready for the final migration to occur the weekend of November 18. Once migration is complete, WSU will enjoy a new, reliable, secure, and cost-effective mainframe solution to run applications and maintain services.


College Simplified WSU Guide Mobile App

Managing your WSU Journey at the Right Time with the Right Content

ITS’ Enterprise Systems Group, in collaboration with the Provost’s office, is currently administering a pilot project focused on providing students with access to a new, customized WSU mobile app. The WSU Guide mobile app will help students explore majors, find necessary and valuable degree-specific resources, organize schedules, and receive important reminders and timely tips to help navigate your Journey at WSU. The WSU Guide mobile app will customize students’ journeys and provide step-by-step guidance for completing tasks and activities based on the individual student’s needs.

The pilot project, currently underway for the summer 2017, is being tested within the first few ALIVE sessions. This initial sampling will allow ESG to collect valuable insights and generate end user feedback the ESG team can use to modify and enhance the WSU Guide app. Once the summer pilot project is completed, modifications successfully implemented and then tested again, the WSU Guide mobile app will be a terrific resource WSU offers to all incoming students.


WSU INTO Program boosts WSU’s Global Engagement

Developing Degree Pathways in myWSU for International Students

The WSU INTO project is a partnership with WSU and INTO, an independent organization, focused on expanding enrollment opportunities for international students and extending the Drive to 25 Initiative. ITS’ Enterprise Systems Group collaborated with the WSU INTO program team to configure myWSU Student Information System with both undergraduate and graduate pathways to support and transform the international student experience.