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Washington State University
Information Technology Services

Telephone Product Information

All VoIP and Softphones must be purchased through WSU ITS and all phones require a license to include standalone softphone clients. For pricing information go to

VOIP Features

The WSU Pullman Telephone System now provides some extended features. These features require some initial setup, and need to be requested by the department using ITS Customer Center.

Service Request System Instructions

  • Single Inbox Messaging: This provides the ability to receive voicemail messages as an Outlook/Exchange email message with the voice message delivered as a .WAV file attachment. The system synchronizes message status, deletions, and the message waiting light between the email and phone systems.
    • Please Note:

    • The Single Inbox Messaging feature is available only to individuals utilizing the central WSU exchange mailbox system.
    • Please be aware that any voicemail that is then received and stored within email will be subject to federal and state regulations concerning public records requests, litigation holds and subpoenas.
  • Reach Me Anywhere (Single Number Reach): This provides the ability to have calls to the office ring either a cell phone or another number after a few rings. This feature does not require a smart phone. Calls can be switched back and forth between a cell phone and the office phone.
  • Point to Point Video Calling: The WSU Pullman Unified Communication system now supports Point to Point Video Phone service. This requires a video-capable Cisco IP phone with camera, or a Cisco Jabber Softphone client at both ends of the call, When you call from one supported phone to another video phone on campus, a high quality point to point video call opens and you will be able to see and talk to the other party.
  • Voicemail and Phone Web Page Access: The above features also include access to end-user web pages for voicemail and phones. Access to these web pages can also be requested even if the above features are not enabled.
  • Mobile Remote Access (MRA): Ability of physical phone to register from off WSU Pullman campus using the NID/Password of an active WSU employee. Available on Cisco 78xx and 88xx model phone. Supports multiple lines based on phone model and up to 8 lines for Jabber softphones. Requires Power Over Ethernet (POE) connection or external power supply and internet. Support for local network and endpoint devices is not covered by WSU ITS.
  • Cisco Jabber softphone: Up to 8 lines for use on Windows and Mac desktops, laptops, and Surface devices. Single line support on tablets and mobile devices to include iPhone and Androids. Support for local network and endpoint computers and devices is not covered by WSU ITS.
  • Cisco IP Communicator Softphone: Windows only multi-line desktop softphone. Computer must be on the core WSU wired network or use VPN into authorized WSU network. Support for local network and endpoint computers and devices is not covered by WSU ITS.



Location of TDD/TYY Devices

Number Location
509-335-1566 Administration Annex 205 – DRC Available to receive incoming calls
509-335-3417 Administration Annex 206 – DRC Available to receive incoming calls
509-333-9816 Animal Disease Biotechnology Facility – First Floor Lobby
509-333-9908 Beasley Coliseum – By Room 110 Main Ticket Office
509-333-9902 Bohler Addition – Room B70 Hallway
509-333-9889 Bryan Hall – Room 100
509-333-9892 Compton Union – Hallway 100 Bank of Phones
509-333-9926 Engineering Teaching and Research Lab – Room 300LL Hallway
509-333-9846 French Administration – North Side First Floor
509-333-9890 Heald Hall – Room 100
509-333-9830 Holland Addition – Hallway 100W 1st Floor Main Elevator Lobby
509-333-9827 Holland Addition – Hallway 10W Ground Level Main Elevator Lobby
509-333-9834 Honors Hall – Ground Floor Phone Bank
509-334-9874 Martin Stadium South Side – IT/Martin Academic Center
509-333-9929 SCUE – 3rd Floor Phone Bank
509-333-9939 Shock Physics
509-333-9963 Student Recreation Center – 1st Floor Lobby
509-333-9916 Thompson Hall – 1st Floor Hall
509-333-9887 Todd Hall Addition – Room 360V Vestibule
509-333-9861 Vet Teaching Hospital – Room 1000B
509-333-9886 Webster Physical Science – Room 100 by Elevator