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Configuring Windows for Remote Desktop SSL VPN Connection

Administrative privileges are required on the system being configured.

  1. From the Start Menu select Control Panel -> System:


  2. In the System properties dialog, Select the Advanced system settings option:

    Advanced settings image

  3. Select the ‘Remote’ tab and then Allow connections only from computers running Remote Desktop with Network Level Authentication (more secure).
    *Only choose ‘Allow connections from computers running any version of Remote Desktop (less secure) if using a Remote Desktop client without NLA enabled, for example Windows XP SP2.  Windows XP patched with SP3 can be configured to use NLA (see )

    advanced settings

  4. If any users require Remote Desktop access and are not Administrators on the computer, click the ‘Select Users’ button to add their NID’s:

    add users panel

  5. Click ‘OK’ twice to return to the Control Panel and choose ‘Windows Firewall

    control panel

  6. Select ‘Advanced settings’ in the left window pane.

    control panel section

  7. Under Windows Firewall with Advanced Security; highlight the item ‘Inbound Rules’.

    control panel section

  8. Locate the rules named ‘Remote Desktop Options (TCP-in)’. Double click on the first rule.

    control panel section

  9. Select the ‘Advanced’ tab and check all 3 profile options.

    advanced tab select domain, private and public

  10. Select the ‘Scope’ tab, in the ‘Remote IP address section’, select ‘These IP addresses:’ and Click on the ‘Add’ button.

    control panel section

  11. Select ‘This IP address or subnet:’ and enter to grant access for all SSL VPN IP addresses.
    The entire range must be added.

    control panel section

  12. Click on OK and Select ‘These IP address’ Enter your local IP address:

    panel section

  13. Click ‘OK’ and ‘OK’ to finish.

Now that you have restricted access to your office system, you are ready to use a remote desktop connection from off campus.

When you need access WSU campus resources you can do a onetime setup of the Cisco AnyConnect SSL VPN client and connect securely to your office system using remote desktop.