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Washington State University
Information Technology Services

Configuring Mac OS X and Windows access to remote Mac OS X system over SSL VPN

Tested on Mac OS X 10.5.X and 10.6.X system, Windows XP and
Windows 7 Professional.

Install and Set up Firewall

  1. Download and install WaterRoof Firewall
  2. Run the application and add these two rules:
    1. Permit incoming traffic from on port TCP/5900

      Screen shot 2010-09-29 at 9.52.50 PM.png

    2. Deny other incoming traffic on port TCP/5900:

      Screen shot 2010-09-29 at 9.53.43 PM.png

  3. NOTE: Make sure that these two rules are on the top of your access list:

Configuring the WSU Mac OSX System to Accept Remote Desktop Connections

  1. Open
    System Preferences -> Sharing and follow these
  2. Check Remote Management
  3. Open computer settings and check Show Remote Management status in menu bar.
    Check VNC viewers may control screen with password and enter a secure password. Click OK.

  4. Click on Only these users: and on + to add your user account:

    Screen shot 2010-09-30 at 4.58.16 PM.png

  5. Double-click
    on the user account and set user access privleges:

  6. Open Mac OS X System Preferences -> Security->Firewall ensure the firewall is on:

    Screen shot 2010-09-30 at 4.49.53 PM.png

  7. Click Advanced and ensure that Block all
    incoming connections
    is un-checked and Remote Management is
    listed to Allow incoming connections

    Screen shot 2010-09-30 at 4.51.24 PM.png


Configure a Mac OS X home computer

NOTE: Connect to AnyConnect SSL VPN gateway

  1. Download and install VNC viewer application – for example "Chicken of the
  2. Open the VNC Viewer application and enter the IP address of the remote system and
    hit "Connect" button.

    Screen shot 2010-09-29 at 10.27.29 PM.png

Configure a Windows OS home computer

A home office Windows system can be connected to the WSU SSL VPN gateway. Install a VNC viewer to remotely connect and control Mac OS X system in your office.

  1. For example you can download TightVNC at:
  2. After installation open your Tight VNC client and enter an IP address of Mac OS X in your office and click on "Connect" button: