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Configuring Linux for Remote Desktop SSL VPN Connection

  1. Open the ‘Remote Desktop’ settings by going to System -> Preferences -> Remote Desktop
    • *If this option is not available, install VINO.

      image of menu

  2. Configure Remote Desktop settings.
    • *Allow other users to view your desktop
    • *Allow other users to control your desktop
    • *Enter a password in the box, and make sure it is required.

      Remote Desk Top Panel

    • *Make a note of the IP address of your machine, and remember the password you chose.
  3. Setup Firewall by typing the following 4 commands into the terminal.
    • sudo ufw enable
    • sudo ufw default deny incoming
    • sudo ufw default allow outgoing
    • sudo ufw allow from to any port 5900

Your linux machine should be completely set up.

Washington State University