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Information Technology Services

Hacktober Questions & Answers

 Question: Answer:
October 2Hacking went Hollywood: A whiz kid hotwired a payphone with a soda can in which 1983 movieWarGames
October 3What is data encryption, and why is it important?Makes files unreadable unless you have a key, protects your data
October 4What do you do if you find a USB drive in the library, classroom, ground, etc.?Turn it in to the IT Security Team
October 5Why should your home WiFi be secured with a password?Hackers can live near you and easily target your WiFi
October 6According to the NSA's National Day of Cyber, the only path to a cyber-security career is through an information technology degree.False, there is no limit to the fields of study that can be utilized in cyber-security.
October 10How many times should you reuse a password?Never
October 11How often should you change your passwords?Every 6 months
October 12When updating software on your computer, it is best to obtain the updates from where?Directly from the software vendor.
October 13Does the IRS initiate taxpayer communication through email?No
October 16What should you do if you receive an email from an unknown or unsolicited sender? Do not open and delete it immediately
October 17At Washington State University, what email address do you forward spam or phishing emails to?
October 18An error message appears on your screen that looks unfamiliar or suspicious. You should:Stop working, keep the error message on the screen and contact your IT security department
October 19You receive a “Certificate Error” warning when trying to connect to an online website. You should:Stop and log out of the website
October 20You receive a phone call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft. They tell you they suspect someone has fraudulently accessed your account, and they need your login credentials to verify that it was or wasn’t you. You should:Hang up and report the call to authorities if you have the caller’s phone number
October 23You should not give out personal information (name, address, birthday, debit/credit card) via email. However, it is safe to do it over the phone. False
October 24What is the most valuable to hackers?Smartphone
October 25Connecting to a system without a username or password is considered a null session. True
October 26Cyber criminals have the ability to pair with your phone's open Bluetooth connection and steal your personal information.True
October 27Is it safe to log in to my bank's website and access my account from a public WiFi hotspot? No
October 30How many U.S. Navy, Army, Pentagon and NASA computers did British hacker Gary McKinnon break into during 2001 and 2002?97


  1. You are at a coffee shop and would like to check on some files at work or make a personal banking transaction online. The coffee shop has free WiFi. You should: