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Information Technology Services

New Cloud Authentication

WSU Information Technology Services Okta sign-in page

Self-Service Account Creation Videos and Documents

Expired Invitation Sample

Activating your new network authentication account from the

Activating your new network authentication account from an email invitation

Current List of Applications Now Behind Cloud Authentication

Blackboard learn (
Li.wsu.eduMy Housing Contract
Cougar Card Self ServiceSingle Student Apartment Application
Residence Hall ContractSummer Residence Hall Application
Family Apartment ApplicationHousing Roommate Finder
Housing Move-in SignupHousing Promissory Note
Housing Contract Appeal
Housing Room Inventory

Project Update Monday 05-13-19

ITS maintenance from 9pm to midnight on Monday, May 13. When complete, myWSU, Blackboard Learn and other applications will require a new authentication account. Go to to set up your new password and password recovery preferences.

Project Update Friday 05-10-19

Next level security at WSU

On Monday, May 13, the first phase of a new generation of network security rolls out at WSU. Following months of planning, the Information Technology Services (ITS) project team is completing preparations for the shift to its new cloud-based network authentication solution.

Network authentication at WSU currently uses an individual’s network ID and password in order to access WSU business and student information resources including myWSU, Cougar Card Self Services, and more.

As part of phase one implementation, when a user logs in using the new system on May 13, things will look and feel the same. Individuals will continue to use their network ID and password as they always have, gaining heightened security while still enjoying the comfort of a familiar process.

Additional phases of the project are in development in the coming months. Once WSU procedures and policies are updated to include multi-factor authentication scenarios, phase two of the project implementation will include training, communications, and finally, the shift to using multiple security factors when accessing WSU resources and services.

Invitations to register the new authentication accounts are ongoing, with more than 22,000 users already on-boarded. If you have not yet set up your Okta account, you can visit the self-service website, anytime.

Project Update Thursday 04-11-19

Important Okta Implementation Update

Information Technology Services considered community feedback regarding the Okta onboarding process and is now ready to offer the updated invitation to the WSU community.

More than 70,000 WSU community members will receive a new Okta account invitation in their email on Friday morning, April 12.

A sample of the email is in the Self-Help resources on the sidebar of this page or at the bottom of the page if you are on a mobile device.

Notice there are no links to click through within the email. The invitee will open a web browser, type in the indicated URL, and follow the steps to complete their account setup. Once they complete these steps, users will manage their network or friend ID account security through Okta.

Project Update Friday 03-29-19

Important Okta Implementation Update

ITS is pleased to share a pending change to the Okta onboarding process.

In response to feedback from university community members and technical support staff, the project team researched a new onboarding method that will allow users to go directly to a website to activate their Okta password account rather than clicking through a live link in an email.

This process change undergoes beta testing next week to ensure that users will have a seamless onboarding experience.

Updated communications resources are also in development, including an additional Friday update for all of you next week with full process change details and updated invitation content to share with your customers, students, and co-workers, pending successful testing completion.

Current onboarding data:

Through March 28, 2019: 
Total Invitees: 30,000Totals
Total Account Activations by Day5324
Crimson Service Desk tickets705
Abuse tickets177
Project web page visitors2127

Quick Okta FYI’s

  • Okta invitations are only valid for seven days.
  • Okta still requires a password reset every 6 months
  • For assistance creating an Okta-compliant password, google ‘password generator’ and find a number of online sites ready to help.
  • Already have your Okta password, but need to get back to Okta password management site? Visit anytime.


What is Okta?

Okta is the new password management resource for WSU. Eventually WSU will integrate additional security features available from Okta, but for spring of 2019, password management is the primary Okta resource being used.

How is this being rolled out to the WSU community?

Email invitations started on March 4 and are scheduled to finish being sent by early May. Each week a group of 10,000 WSU community members (students, faculty, and staff) will receive two emails. The first email has the subject line, “Confirming your Okta invitation is valid.” This email explains what to expect and explains that unlike normal ITS emails, the Okta invitation includes a live link for you to activate your new account. The next email is from Okta with the subject line, “Welcome to WSU Okta.” The body of the email contains a blue button with the words “Activate Okta Account.” Clicking this button takes you to an account activation page. You will create a new password that will immediately become your new WSU network password. You will also set up a security question and select a security image. You may also opt to set a phone number for text or voice verification. Once you complete this step, you will be taken to your end user setting page. This is the page you will visit when you need to reset your password in the future.

How long do have to respond to the Okta activation email?

The WSU Okta password reset email is good for 7 days. If for some reason you are not able to complete the process within that timeframe, clicking on the activation button will allow you to request a new invitation email.

I just reset my WSU password. Do I still have to do this?

Yes. Unfortunately, if you recently reset your password, even the same morning before receiving the activation email, you will need to reset again.

How will this affect my email and myWSU account?

Since Okta will have you reset your NetID password, you will immediately need to start using this new password with all your WSU internet activities including your WSU email, myWSU, and any other WSU systems you normally access.

What is the security image?

When you activate your Okta account and select your new password, you will also select a security image from one of several shown. When you log in to your account from an Okta email or directly from, you will see your security image. This is to help assure you that you are at a verified Okta resource. You can change the image at any time by visiting

January 25th, 2019

Washington State University’s Information Technology Services (ITS) group is preparing to introduce an enhanced resource security tool to the university community later this spring through a new network authentication product from industry leader, Okta.

Network authentication, the process of using security features such as network ID and password in order to access WSU resources including myWSU and more, is currently undergoing an important and timely upgrade.

With the implementation of Okta, WSU students, faculty, and staff will enjoy the benefits of more robust security tools and resources such as:

  • A new password reset service: Okta delivers new password reset experience through an easy to use self-service interface.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): Okta strengthens WSU data protection for network resources and web pages that access sensitive information by requiring multiple methods of identity verification prior to receiving access. (As seen on many banking and financial sites today.)

These important security changes, in collaboration with key university community leaders, offer strategic information security support for WSU’s ongoing modernization effort.

What is going to change for me?

  • The url you use to change or recover your password is likely to change with the new service. The new site will be provided when ready.
  • The screen that you use to change or recover your password will look different.
  • Applications with personal, identifiable and/or sensitive information may require multi-factor authentication. As a user, you will be prompted to register a method for multi-factor authentication. Users will have the option to pick from a number of options such as an automated verification phone call or text message. More information on multi-factor authentication and registration will be provided prior to full Okta implementation in May.



Departments who wish to leverage the new authentication functionality for their applications should contact ITS. Please submit a request through our new self-help portal at with your name, phone number, application name, and application description. After submitting your service desk ticket, a member of the project team will reach out to you with more information and instructions on how to begin testing for on-boarding your application(s).




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