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Information Technology Services

Microsoft Teams

New Teams service for WSU

Microsoft Teams offers a modern group workspace within Office 365 that includes tools and content targeted for teams of people working towards a common goal or purpose. Teams brings together a collaborative workspace, file management, project and task tools, persistent chat (IM), and a new type of online meeting space all into one solution, making it easier for people to communicate and collaborate.  Microsoft Teams is available to all WSU employees and students, and employees can request a Team be created for their group via the Crimson Service Desk. Team owners can add additional owners, manage the membership of the Team, add channels and content, and set options for the Team, such as setting permissions and Team behavior.

Replacing Skype for Business

Teams will be replacing the Skype for Business service and Teams will be made available for all students and employees on January 8th. Skype for Business users will have their contacts and scheduled meetings migrated to Teams beginning January 27th.

  • Once migrated to Teams you will be prompted with the following when opening the Skype for Business client.
  • Washington State University is now using Microsoft Teams!  We will help you find your contacts, meetings and more once you’re in the app.
  • During the overlap between January 8th and 27th customers can login and use both clients, there will not be any communications available between clients. This means that users on Teams will not be able to communicate with users in Skype for Business and vice versa. If a user is on both clients, then communications can occur between the same client types.
  • Your contacts in Skype for Business will be migrated to Teams on January 27th. They will show up shortly after you login to the Teams client after that date.
  • Existing meetings is Skype for Business will be migrated to Teams on January 27th.
  • Unfortunately dial-in conferencing is not available at WSU in Teams meetings; ITS recommends you use Zoom to meet your dial-in conferencing needs.

Implementation Schedule

  • Teams will be enabled for all students and employees at WSU on January 8.
  • Skype for Business users will be migrated to Teams on January 27, but you can start using Teams on January 8th.
    • Skype for Business will no longer be available for employee use on January 27.

Please take time to familiarize yourself with the following information to ensure a smooth transition to Teams.

Getting started with Teams

The following is useful information to help you get started using the Teams service to communicate and collaborate at WSU.

Help and resources

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