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Information Technology Services

ITS Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Student using multi-factor authentication

More than 45,000 users per month are now successfully using the new Okta Single-Sign-On (SSO) system for many WSU network applications. With phase one complete, the project team continues to prepare for a December implementation of multi-factor authentication (MFA) for myWSU.

This second phase brings a greater need for partnership and collaboration as WSU areas determine which MFA tools to utilize along with other necessary decisions regarding policy, implementation, and long-term program management.

Preparing for MFA in Your Area: MFA Options

In preparation for MFA implementation, ITS asks you and your area staff to think through your organization’s needs and identify best solutions based on the options listed below. ITS particularly needs your assistance in thinking about all business cases specific to your area that may require unique solutions.

Users will have five options for MFA. Users should select two of the following options, one is required, and a second one serves as a backup resource:

  • Okta Verify Mobile App – two options include a code that changes every 60 seconds, or a Push method, to approve authentication
  • Google Authenticator Mobile App – a new code generates every 60 seconds
  • SMS – a texted code will be sent to the user’s configured mobile device
  • Voice call – an automated message providing a 5-digit code will be delivered to the user’s configured telephone (home, mobile, or desk)
  • U2F Security Key – this device, similar to a flash drive, inserts into USB port

Implementation Timeline for WSU Applications

  • MyWSU will be the first WSU application requiring MFA, beginning December 19, 2019, offering access for 24 hours each time you use MFA to access the application.
  • Other WSU applications already using the new SSO system will have the opportunity to add MFA beginning March 19, 2020.
  • Workday, WSU’s new system for finance, human resources, payroll, and grants management, will utilize MFA when it launches in July of 2020.


What is Okta SSO?

Okta SSO is the Single sign on (SSO) resource for WSU.

  • Users will receive reminders to reset their SSO password every 6 months
  • For assistance creating an Okta-compliant password, google ‘password generator’ and find a number of online sites ready to help.
  • Already have your Okta password, but need to get back to Okta password management site? Visit anytime.

Departments Requesting Okta Single Sign On Functionality

Departments who wish to request Okta SSO for their applications should contact ITS. Please submit a request through the self-help portal at with your name, phone number, application name, and application description. After submitting your service desk ticket, a member of ITS will reach out to you with more information and instructions on how to begin testing for on-boarding your application(s).

Current List of Applications Now Using Okta Single Sign On

Adobe Creative CloudESG Jenkins
Amazon Web ServicesEYP LMS
AOI ALNITS Global Protect Test VPN
AOI AppsLegacy Apps (Mainframe, WSU Notices)
AOI eLearningMFA Test
Blackboard LearnOracle Cloud Infrastructure
Budget Planning SystemResLife - Qualtrics 360
CAHNRS AuthenticateSettings
CampusMSlate Enrollment CRM
CanvasTC FreePBX
CCB EduSourcedTC PaperCut
CCB SuitableTC Persona Campus SAML
CVM eSuggestion BoxTitle IX Training
CVM PreceptorsUREC-Attic-Dev
CVM Veterinary Teaching Hospital Community Practice CalendarVAN ENCS AutoLab-Dev
CVM Veterinary Teaching Hospital Faxing CenterWADDL Portal Admin
CVM Veterinary Teaching Hospital Item DatabasewebSSO (Ucomm)
CVM Veterinary Teaching Hospital Medical Record TrackingZoom
CVM Veterinary Teaching Hospital Patient Safety Report
ESFCOM Admissions
ESG Github

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