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Information Technology Services

WSU Bandwidth Changing

WSU Bandwidth Change Next Week

Beginning at 9pm on Thursday, August 9, and completing by 6am, Friday, August 10, the network connection for moving data outside of WSU will be upgraded, resulting in increased bandwidth from 10 gigabytes per second to 20 gigabytes per second.

This will effectively double WSU Pullman’s external bandwidth, improving our network connectivity to both our other WSU campuses and units, and to the rest of the world’s sites, such as Google, Microsoft, other universities, etc.

All WSU groups will be affected, both within the WSU Pullman community and among those external groups directing traffic into the WSU Pullman campus. The window for the change will be the 9-hour duration noted. While work crews do not anticipate any noticeable downtime due to redundant service structure, unexpected issues are always possible so it’s best to assume there may be interrupted service to the outside world during the maintenance timeframe.

This work should be transparent to users, beyond possibly noting the improved performance for certain applications after the change is complete. No follow up actions should be required. However, if you have questions or concerns, please contact Richard Eisenman,, (509) 335-4478


Information Technology Services


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