Third Party Access

How To Access Third Party Account

To view Third Party Access, you will need to sign into myWSU with your Friend ID credentials.

If you do not have a Friend ID, please review these step-by-step instructions on how to set up Third Party Access. Please note that you must have consent from your student to receive Third Party Access. WSU cannot grant access to any student accounts.

What is Third Party Access?

Students can choose to share their official WSU records with a parent, guardian, or other trusted individual by providing Third Party Access. This allows individuals to sign in to myWSU and view a student’s financial account balances, financial aid, class schedules, grades, and more. WSU students set up Third Party Access through myWSU by creating a Friend ID and an authorization code for each individual that will receive access.

Benefits of Third Party Access

Having Third Party Access can be a huge time saver. Once this access has been granted, a user can:

  • Sign in and review any information the student has shared.
  • Pay fees online on behalf of the student.
  • View grades, financial aid, and other information at anytime.

Third Party Access is required for a parent to apply for a Federal Parent PLUS loan.

How Do I Get Third Party Access?

Please review this Knowledge Base article for step-by-step instructions on how to set up Third Party Access for a Friend ID.

How Long Does The Access Last For?

Third Party Access expires five years after it was granted or it can be removed by the student at anytime.

How Do I Remove Third Party Access?

WSU students reserve the right to remove Third Party Access at anytime through their myWSU account.