Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams offers a modern group workspace within Office 365 that includes tools and content targeted for teams of people working towards a common goal or purpose. Teams brings together a collaborative environment, file management, project and task tools, persistent chat (IM), and a new type of online meeting space all into one solution, making it easier for people to communicate and work together.

Teams is available to all WSU employees and students. Employees can request a new Team via the Crimson Service Desk. Team owners can then add additional owners, manage the membership of the Team, add channels and content, and set options for the Team, such as setting permissions and Team behavior.

Getting Started with Teams

The following information will help you get started using Teams to communicate and collaborate at WSU.

Help and Resources

Service Offerings Provided

  • Collaborative workspace
    • Instant Messaging (i.e. Persistent Chat)
    • Ad-hoc group based persistent chat and collaboration
    • Presence and Activity
  • Teams and Channels
  • Meetings and Teams calls
    • Scheduled Meetings
    • Live Closed Captioning
    • Instant Meetings
    • Meeting Recordings
    • Video Steaming
      • Video editing, subtitles, captions
      • In-video polls and quizzes
  • Direct Teams audio and video calling
  • File collaboration, sharing, co-editing, and management
    • 1 TB of file storage
  • Project management workspace
    • Planner
    • Project
  • Apps and Integration
    Please note that third party application integration requires app area approval, service review, and a security review.

Service Offerings Not Provided

  • Teams VOIP/Phone Service
  • Teams Voicemail

Supported Clients

Service Eligibility

Teams is available to all WSU faculty, staff, and students with an Office 365 license. Teams can also include guests from outside our organization using a non-WSU email address.

Guests and External Sharing

Guests and External sharing are enabled by default in Teams. Office 365 guests must create, or sign in to, an Office 365 guest account to access Teams..

External sharing is available for authenticated access or anonymous expiring links.


Teams comes with a task management service called Microsoft Planner. To create plans in Planner, you must already have an existing Team.

To create a new Plan, please follow these instructions. Owners or members of the Team will be granted access to the newly created Plan.

Please note: 

You will not be able to create a new Plan directly from the Planner interface. Trying to create a plan from the Planner web app will attempt to create an associated group, which is not allowed in the WSU’s Office 365 service.