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eXplorance Blue FAQs

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When are online evaluations available to students?

Each college sets the dates for its course evaluations. In a regular 15-week course, evaluations generally open in week 14 and close the Friday of finals week. Students are notified by email.

How do students get to the online evaluations?

Students can access their online course evaluations in two ways:

  1. Blackboard: Students log in to Blackboard and look for the course link in the Blue course evaluation dashboard on the Blackboard My Institution page.
  2. myWSU: Students log in to myWSU and look for the “manage classes” tile. The course evaluation link is under the “course evaluations” tab.

Can students do the online evaluations during class?

Yes. In-class delivery works well with an adaptive display for any laptop or mobile device. No app is needed.

Will I be able to monitor response rates?

Yes. The instructor of record can log in to myWSU to review response rates while the evaluation is open. Final response rates are included in the Instructor Quick Report.

Can I provide extra credit to students who complete the evaluation?

Contact your college’s course evaluation coordinator to confirm if this option is available in your college. If your college allows extra credit, you will receive a list of student names after evaluations close. You will receive an email notification from Blue when your list is ready in your myWSU Blue dashboard.

When will my results be available?

Instructor Quick Reports are available two days after grades are due in a regular 15-week semester.

Additional questions about your college’s course evaluation, delivery window, or reports of results?

Please contact your college’s course evaluation coordinator. Your dean’s office can provide their name and contact information. Or email




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