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Information Technology Services

College Simplified WSU Guide Mobile App


Managing your WSU Journey at the Right Time with the Right Content

ITS’ Enterprise Systems Group, in collaboration with the Provost’s office, is currently administering a pilot project focused on providing students with access to a new, customized WSU mobile app. The WSU Guide mobile app will help students explore majors, find necessary and valuable degree-specific resources, organize schedules, and receive important reminders and timely tips to help navigate your Journey at WSU. The WSU Guide mobile app will customize students’ journeys and provide step-by-step guidance for completing tasks and activities based on the individual student’s needs.

The pilot project, currently underway for the summer 2017, is being tested within the first few ALIVE sessions. This initial sampling will allow ESG to collect valuable insights and generate end user feedback the ESG team can use to modify and enhance the WSU Guide app. Once the summer pilot project is completed, modifications successfully implemented and then tested again, the WSU Guide mobile app will be a terrific resource WSU offers to all incoming students.