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Washington State University
Information Technology Services

AIS Download Walkthrough

The following demonstrates using the QWS3270 Secure client to download an AIS Balances query. Selection criteria have been chosen and the enter key pressed.

  1. Locally developed software detects Entire Connection is not being used and takes over the process.
    The following screen will only appear once during an AIS session:
  2. Pressing enter will continue the process, F1 aborts the download and returns you to AIS.
  3. Balances presents a summary report before finishing. Not all AIS applications do this.
    Press enter to get instructions for downloading your file.
  4. The download is stored in a temporary location. A web browser (IE, Firefox, etc.) is required to complete the process. Highlight the listed URL, copy and paste it into the address bar of your web browser.
    Press enter on this screen to return to your AIS application.
  5. The URL will first take you to the Unified Sign in page. Enter your network ID (NID) and password. While different from your AIS ID and password there is a relationship between them. For security reasons, the same person who did the download in AIS must sign-on here to retrieve it. For example, if Betty signed on to AIS and started the download process her co-worker Sam would not be able to sign in here and complete the process.
  6. This web page will show you a list of downloads. The file may be saved in a text format by clicking on it’s name, or in a tab delimited Excel (xls) format by clicking the word “Delimited”.
  7. The default download file name is DownloadFile.
    A window will appear allowing you to change this name and save the file to an appropriate folder.