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Information Technology Services

myWSU Campus Solutions
9.2 Upgrade Project

Enhancing the Student Experience within myWSU

ITS’ Enterprise Systems Group (ESG) has begun the Campus Solutions 9.2 upgrade project within the myWSU environment. This CS 9.2 upgrade will allow WSU to offer a more modern and flexible user experience.

These experiences will be enabled using the PeopleSoft Fluid User Interface within the Campus Solutions 9.2 version. The CS 9.2 upgrade project will be completed in 2 phases with the first phase focused on the technical upgrade. The technical upgrade will include provisioning new servers, installing the CS 9.2 software, converting from the CS 9.0 to the CS 9.2 version and configuring the new CS 9.2 version to integrate within our myWSU environment. This phase was completed the weekend of July 1-3, 2017 with limited impact to students, faculty and staff.

The second phase of the CS 9.2 project will be to configure, customize, and convert myWSU pages to utilize the new CS 9.2 Fluid user interface. These new pages will provide mobile-friendly and stream-lined access to the student self-service pages (Student Enrollment, Academic Advising, Financial Aid, Student Financials, Admissions and Campus Community). The Fluid user interface will also provide our WSU business offices with enhanced pages and features to deliver their services to students. This phase is expected to span the 2017-2018 academic year and include multiple opportunities to gather input from students and WSU business office staff to help design and deliver the Fluid enabled pages within myWSU.

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