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Cougar Manager

What is Cougar Manager?

Cougar Manager is the premier solution for electronic student employee time card management across many WSU campuses. Cougar Manager was developed in-house by a talented and dedicated student support team, and provides a way to manage and track student employees’ hours, payrate, position, and other vital payroll information. Cougar Manager is a web site that supports both mobile and desktop web browsers. Students can enter time and digitally sign their time card from any device, at any time, anywhere. No more chasing down paper forms and student signatures.

Cougar Manager is contractually available for use by any department at Washington State University. Contact for pricing and contract details.

Electronic Time Card Management

Log, track, edit, centralize and organize student employee time. Student employees log into Cougar Manager from any desktop or mobile web browser and log their time. That time is then compiled and organized instantly for supervisor review and approval. Finally, employee’s time is centralized automatically into a single page for streamlined data entry into AIS Payroll.

Employee Directory

Each employee in Cougar Manager maintains a profile with a list of pertinent personal contact information. This gives everyone in the organization a way to contact each other. Personal data is stored securely on our servers, and employees can opt out at any time.

Easy Subshifts

Student employees often have variable, inconsistent and complex schedules so finding substitutes for shifts can be a headache. Cougar Manager has a built in Sub Shift management log to streamline this process. When an employee knows in advance they might have to miss a shift for sickness or an exam, they can post it, and other employees can accept it. Email support and supervisor oversight is built in.

News System

Post reminders and reference information to the Cougar Manager home page that your employees see every time they log in. Stories can be targeted to specific locations or positions.

Work Study Support

Manage employee’s Federal and State work study funds efficiently and effectively. Cougar Manager keeps track of how much work study a student has, when it runs out, and adjusts pay rates accordingly.

Freedom of Choice

Cougar Manager is flexible, it allows your employees to log their time via a traditional ‘clock in clock out’ system or let them enter their hours at their convenience. Even better, you don’t have to choose one or the other – some positions in your organization can be designated as clock in clock out while others can use the standard system.

Customer Support

When you purchase Cougar Manager, you receive a direct line of support to the team of developers that are enhancing Cougar Manager on a daily basis. They are able to provide you with support solutions informed by an unparalleled level of expertise at no additional cost.


Cougar Manager is hosted on a highly available web farm and backed by a cluster of database servers, all running on ITS’ high availability VMWare virtual infrastructure. The database is backed up daily, and stored in multiple locations to protect against hardware failures.


Cougar Manager authenticates against WSU’s Active Directory system. We constantly monitor and update our servers with the latest OS and application patches.


Cougar Manager is an entirely web based application. There are no programs, plugins or add-ons to install. The system runs simply from your favorite browser on your favorite operating system, including tablets and mobile devices.

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Contact Cougar Manager Support

Questions?  Need Help?  Contract and Pricing Information?

Reach out to us at