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AIS Data Resources

CONTROL-D Web Access Setup Instructions

Using CONTROL-D Web Access WSU departments and units have the enhanced ability to access an electronic version of unit budget statements via the network and individual AIS login and passwords.

Before you begin

  • An AIS userid and password are required to access WebAccess:
    • To request AIS access, contact:
      • Crimson Service Desk at (509) 335-4357
    • If you have an AIS userid please contact:
      • Production Control at and provide:
        1. 1. Your AIS userid
        2. 2. Budget statements that you need to access
  • Log on to your machine as an Administrator. If you do not have Administrator permissions, contact your departmental support staff and ask them to login as an administrator prior to beginning.
  • Download the Java Virtual Machine

The vendor recommends using FireFox for the
Control-D WebAccess web page.

First Time Access / Setup

  1. Add as a ‘Trusted Site’:
    • Click Menu and select ‘Options’
    • Select ‘Privacy & Security’ tab
    • Under Permissions, click the ‘Exceptions’ button
    • Add the following site:
    • Close.
  2. Please turn off the pop-up blocker.
    • Click on Menu
    • Select Options
    • Select Privacy & Security
    • Go down to the Permissions paragraph
    • Unclick the pop-up blocker box
  3. Log in to Control-D Web Access at
  4. Remember to use your AIS user name and password, not your NID.
  5. Open a report and you will be prompted to download ActiveX.
    • A list of reports will be presented. Click on a report to open it.
    • Ensure that a report can be saved by clicking on the Save icon. Save the report to your documents file if you wish. To close the report click on the ‘Back to Report List’ in the upper left corner of the screen.

Request Memos

Production Quality Support request memos allow Washington State University departments to submit on-line requests for the execution of specific production batch jobs.

NOTE: Access to this facility is restricted by department. If you require access to your departmental request memos, please contact your supervisor.

Please enter all personal contact information (name, phone, and e-mail address) accurately so that PQS may locate you if necessary.

Before accessing any of the request memo pages listed below, please review the PQS Policy and Procedures.

Request memos are currently available for the following departments:

User Submitted Jobs

Documentation to identify requirements and assist IT programming staff in the development, testing, and execution of User-submitted job processes.

User-submitted Jobs Checklist

The checklist is intended to be used as an aid in the development and testing of user-submitted jobs.

User-submitted Jobs Process Flow

User-submitted jobs processing flow. This flow depicts the Wsumvs1 job flow. The Aisdevl differences are subtle and will be included later.

AEI Inventory

The Application Element Inventory (AEI) lists all production MVS/Natural objects comprising WSU Administrative Information Systems. The production inventory is stored in ADABAS, but is mirrored here to support IT programmer inquiries, downloads, etc..

Query and maintenance of AEI entries is performed in the online AIS application PRDCTRL. Select conversation AEI to display a menu of inventory categories for specific element types.

Inventory data is extracted from ADABAS nightly and loaded into the files listed below. The files contain MVS job element types, program element types, job system codes, program area/subarea codes, and general element types. The files may be viewed in your browser, or downloaded to your workstation (by right-clicking the file link).




Enterprise Systems Group


Send General Requests to

CA-7 Flows
Production Control CA-7 Job Flows provide graphic documentation of WSU’s production scheduled MVS batch systems.

All documents are stored in Microsoft PowerPoint format. They may be downloaded to your PC or viewed directly by configuring your web browser to use either PowerPoint or the PowerPoint Viewer available below for all PowerPoint documents (type *.ppt).

If you need help configuring your browser, please contact Production Quality Support at