WSU Zoom now provides live automatic speech recognition (ASR) captioning/transcription capability for live virtual meetings, webinars, and course lectures. When enabled, Zoom’s Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) feature generates real-time captions during live meetings by detecting spoken sounds and converting them into text. Though WSU has offered ASR live captioning for recorded videos in the Zoom Cloud in the past, this is the first time it has been available to everyone for regular use in all live Zoom meetings.

Although automatic speech recognition technology is continuing to improve, the accuracy of this service may vary widely and can depend on many variables, like microphone quality, speaker clarity, speaker accents and dialects, background noise, homonyms, and scientific or specialized terminology.

WSU faculty, staff and students are encouraged to utilize this feature whenever possible to support universal accessibility. However, this feature may not provide an effective means of communication for everyone. Specific requests for accommodations still need to go through the appropriate process and review to determine if ASR captions are sufficient to meet the needs of an accommodation. Additionally, a manual human captioner should be proactively considered for virtual events that are high-profile, may have large attendance, and/or are offered to the public.

How to use ASR
Zoom hosts can enable the ASR live captioning/transcription feature through their Zoom account settings. Once enabled, the feature provides the ability to show in-session ASR captions/transcriptions of all spoken content occurring during the live virtual Zoom sessions. Participants can choose to view the live captions at the bottom of the Zoom screen and/or on the side panel. Below are instructions on how to use ASR live captioning both as a Zoom host and participant. Follow the steps and try it for your next Zoom session!

How to Enable Zoom’s ASR Live Captioning/Transcription Feature as a Host:

Step 1: Enable the Feature in Your WSU Zoom Account:

  1. Go to your Zoom account at
  2. Sign in with your WSU NID and password
  3. In the left navigation, select “Settings”
  4. Under the Meeting tab, select the link “In Meeting (Advanced)”
  5. Scroll to the Closed Captioning section
  6. Enable Closed Captioning
  7. Select the checkbox “Enable live transcription service to show transcript on the side panel in-meeting”
  8. Select the Save button

Zoom screenshot closed captioning

Step 2: Enable Live Transcription in Your Zoom Meeting:

During your meeting select the CC – Live Transcript button, then select the Enable Auto-Transcription button (located under Live Transcript)

Zoom screenshot enable Live transcription

How Participants Access Live Close Captioning:

  1. Select the up arrow next to the CC – Live Transcript button
  2. View captions by selecting “Show Subtitle” (captions appear at the bottom of the Zoom screen) and/or selecting “View Full Transcript” (captions appear on the Zoom meeting side panel)
  3. Edit caption subtitle font size by selecting “Subtitle Settings

Zoom screenshot enable Live transcription