Beginning at 8 pm, Thursday, Oct. 29, 2020, Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is being added to Microsoft Office 365 suite of services, which includes Outlook email, Teams, OneDrive, Word, and more.

MFA and WSU Email
Beginning with the added verification requirement for Office 365, Microsoft Outlook is the only recommended email application going forward.

Some users currently access their WSU email via an array of different apps and services, such as Apple Mail, Samsung Email, Blue Mail, etc. However, many of these third-party mail tools pre-loaded on devices are not MFA-compliant, meaning users will not be able to complete the final verification required for MFA. This could result in delayed access to emails while identifying needed adjustments.

ITS encourages all WSU users to review their email environment. What application are you using to access your WSU email? Check for any extra mail applications on all devices, even dedicated Outlook users may not realize that their WSU email is linked to their MacBook or iPhone’s Mail application, or the Outlook version is outdated and needs a refresh.

Why MFA?
With the implementation of MFA for myWSU in Dec. 2019, and the subsequent addition of more than 90 additional applications since that time, Cougs university-wide now rely on this security tool to keep personal, organizational, and research data safer than ever.

WSU’s fundamental missions of transformative student experience, exceptional research, and institutional effectiveness rely on a secure cyber environment even more during this COVID era. Multi-Factor Authentication continues to allow our user community to learn, research, and communicate more securely.

“Cybersecurity is a journey, not a destination,” says CIO and VP, Dr. Sasi Pillay. “And, every year, we continue to improve.”

Support Resources
Outlook offers free desktop, web browser, smartphone, and tablet versions at so users are confident they have the latest version, no matter the device.

Visit the ITS website for MFA information including Changing to Outlook FAQs: Combining calendars, managing notifications, and more

Please work with your local technical support staff for assistance with any of the following:

  • Updating to the most recent version of Outlook
  • Updating to the most recent mobile version of Outlook
  • Switching to Outlook for your WSU email
  • Uninstalling all other email applications loaded on your devices

Recommended Outlook Versions
The below list shows MFA-compliant email applications that can be used following MFA implementation for Office 365.

  • Windows: Outlook 2019 or 2016
  • Mac: Outlook 2019
  • Mobile Device: Outlook App for iOS and Android
  • Web browsers: Outlook on the Web ( using an up-to-date web browser

For Additional Assistance
Please visit Crimson Service Desk online, via phone (509) 335-4357, or via email. You can also follow @itswsu on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for timely service updates.

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And, as always, Go Cougs!